Saturday, December 04, 2004

The 2004 Weblog Awards!

I'm sure everyone is aware about the Weblog Awards by now. No, not the crappy ones done by some stupid, arrogant, eletist newspaper. The one's being put on by Wizbang!

The voting site is here. I am in the best Essayist category. Currently, I am number 14....of 15. Okay, so I don't completely stink, just mostly. Here's the basic rules:

  • You can vote once in each category per day. This means aber 24 hours you can vota gain. Vote early and vote often.
  • Voting closes on the 12th of December. Again, vote early and vote often.
  • Don't cheat. I'm sure if you clear out your cookies you could probably fool their system but they check IP's. Over 300 votes have been removed already. (Now if you can change your IP....)
  • You should give the Wizbang! team a congratulations for putting together such a good event. They've worked their collective butts off.
  • Don't vote for Instapundit. He's evil. If you don't believe me read this. It's just as accurate as Dan Rather.
  • Since I'm supposed to be an essayist I guess you'd like to know where the essays are right?

Here's a list of essays in no particular order...okay, chronological order:

August 2004

Welcome to my Blog (First Post)

Letters That Could Have Been

Reflections of my military past (Recollections of 9/11. Popular post)

Charlie the president killer: The Play Excerpt

No Nukes Is Good Nukes (An unfinished work)

What does BLACK have to do with it? (Objectionable words used. Warning)

What makes me a Republican?

Is Ed Koch really a Democrat?

Bush and Kerry: You Can't Polish A Turd


A Memorial to the Murdered near Chechnya (Created a memorial blog for it here. Still accepting submissions.)

Chunky Monkey Ice Cream (Rather short one)

I hate Some Republicans Too

Why doesn't Kerry concede? (another short one)

A vote for Nader is a vote for Kerry?

Kerry Already Making International Enemies.


What do Beslan Russia and Samarra Iraq have in common? (No. There is no joke)

Kerry's International Enemies part 2

Tororu (Japanese for Troll) (This is where I became a troll hunter throughout the blogosphere)

The New Republic of Afghanistan (Another short one.)

Afghanistan From The Left Side Of The Street.

Fair Game or Foul Play?

MSNBC reports that Democrat bloggers are more organized?

Kerry stinks internationally Part Trois (3)

ATTENTION! Kerry Plans to Re-institute The Draft!

I'm Confused About Health Insurance?

Why Attack Iraq?

OCTOBER SURPRISE!!! (My first, and last, live blog)


Terror of Future Past

Twas the night before voting (Full-on political poetry. No cheesy haiku here!)

I Voted!

Cleveland Rocks!! Kerry Sucks!!

Assimilated Yet Again

La' Migra'

Who's Next?

ODB DOA after OD (I get a bunch of Google hits from this one. I have no idea why.)

Global Stratification Essay (This was homework)

Why the Right Hates the Left

Yet another membership (First inebriated blog entry. Don't blog and drive kids!..or drink.)

Legitimacy of Iraq's Democracy is just around the corner (This article was published here.)

You can thank anybody but God on Thanksgiving

Glenn Reynolds: A year in review. (This is why you shouldn't vote for Evil Glenn)

Is the U.S. doing the right thing? (Another work in progress)

The world through my eyes (A piece about why I blog the way I blog)


The Prison Abuse Exaggeration

Well, that's all I got so far. I've only been blogging since August so that's why I don't have twice the amount of essays. Remember, vote early and vote often. And if you want to vote for good people in other columns you can vote for Armies of Liberation in Best New blog or Beautiful Atrocities in Best Humor blog.


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