Sunday, October 03, 2004

What do Beslan Russia and Samarra Iraq have in common?

No there is no joke.

An estimated 24 children were killed in Summarra Iraq on Friday, October 1st. They were targeted by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and his loyal killers. U.S. Troops were killed as well. The troops were handing out candy to the children when a "martyr" decided to end their young and growing lives. I guess beheadings just weren't making their point anymore.

Just a couple of pictures to make you realize what terrorists do for a living. (or dying. no pun.)

A mother waits by her daughter's bed after she was injured in a bomb attack.

A father reacts in anguish as his son is declared dead at Yarmouk Hospital on Thursday.
Both photos are courtesy of CNN

I'm sure many are going to point to the United States as responsible for this. Since we are on the ground there it must be our fault. We said we would protect the Iraqis from widespread bloodshed. Now the Americans are killing the Iraqi children. Just wait, it will happen. You can count on it.

Meanwhile, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and the rest of Al Queda and other splinter groups are laughing at the world. Everyone is so hell-bent on American responsibility for everything that the murderers go unchecked by everyone but the United States and the coalition. I am unable to count correctly how many souls Zarqawi has lined up to steal by beheading. It is somewhere between 10 and 100 as I write this. Every man woman and child that dies in Iraq is our fault. We should never have tried to defeat terrorism.

I'm sure some poor soul will make the mistake of telling us that there were never terrorists in Iraq. They had no ties to terrorists. Kerry even said it so it must be true. Kerry lied. There is at least 1 billion dollars in the hands of terrorists today because we did not act earlier in Iraq. This is just a guess but some of that money might actually be reaching the "insurgents" in Iraq; or am I presuming too much? We have the corrupt parts of the UN and the oil-for-food program to thank for the terrorism on the ground in Iraq today. We are the host to the UN buildings and one of the big five in the UN so that is our fault too.

The UN and Corruption
Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Kofi Annan has what is believed the most powerful position in the world, even greater than the United States president. Power is a product of legitimacy. Most of the European Union believes that our presence in Iraq is not legitimate. This gives power to the UN. The poser was there before we went into Iraq though. Syria sits on the board for terrorism. Other terrorist sponsoring countries have positions of power as well. This must be the fault of the United States; we are the power behind the UN right?

When the United States and the coalition went into Iraq we did so without the support of France, Germany, China and Russia. Three of those four have complete veto power at the UN and there is no two-thirds majority rule. If they say no there is no resolution, period. Everyone reading this should be well aware that the oil-for-food program was the largest endeavor of ever for the UN. Transactions for oil exceeded 100 billion dollars. The countries stated above had the absolute largest stakes in Iraqi oil. Many of their companies depended on siphoning off of it. Only 1% of those proceeds ended up in the hands of terrorists, pretty good huh? Funds other than the 1% are still unresolved and will continue to be that way. Saddam had control of what companies to do business with and what off shore, Swiss, Belarus, etc. bank account to put his money in. Yes, I said it was his money. It was supposed to be for the Iraqi people but somehow it never made it. Most of it ended up in palaces like the one Saddam is currently being held prisoner. It must be America's fault because we failed to have foiled the UN scandal before invading Iraq.

Something of a news exchange has occurred. Here's the root of it:

EU country: The United States is in a quagmire that is killing people of Iraq. We can't condone what has happened there.

United States: We are doing the best we can. (We did not mention the fact that our current quagmire is because of the oil-for blood program brokered by the UN.)

EU country: You went behind our backs to depose Saddam and his people so we sill not help you in this. Legislation would have worked much better.

United States: More than 12 years of posturing and resolutions have done nothing but hurt the Iraqi people. We have had enough of it and have taken the needed action to free these people. It will take time, just like Germany did but we will prevail. By the way, we see the same situation happening in the Sudan. More than 50,000 people have been killed by the government. We all know that making propositions will not work. Why don't you go in there and clean house?

EU country: You're part of the UN too. Why don't YOU go in and clean house?

Yes, this is the news exchange at its source.

If anyone does not realize why we are not in the Sudan cleaning house look at the top of this article. 34 children have been murdered. Countless others have been killed as well. We are currently busy cleaning up another mess created by your UN. It's time the EU got off of their lazy asses and did something besides critique us for doing what they're too scared to do for themselves.

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