Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Some Real Poetry

I've noticed something while skulking around in the dark shadows of Kerry supporting sites: many of tehm have a thing for the haiku form of poetry. Maybe it's because they're short little blurbs that usually don't mean much? It might even say something about the poor attention span of the readers of such sites? Since the liberals have taken posetion of the haiku I feel it is my obligation to at least make the forray into some real poetry. It's been a while since I've penned anything in a poetically meloncoly mood so please forgive me my sonnet isn't in perfect iambic pentameter.

At last the end of this coming nigh.
Election polls are tight and hopes are high.
Methinks the Zogby polls have got it straight,
but USA Today is second rate.
A million polls are false with different sins,
but Gallup hasn't lost since Dewy Wins!

The Democrats have chosen Mr. Heinz.
His nuanced plans are missing good designs.
Everything they do is launch attacks,
but what would you expect from those behinds?

Republican incumbent Bush is strong.
He realizes appeasement is wrong.
He'll put the terrorists upon their backs,
so don't forget to vote before too long.

And so it goes; the difference between liberal and conservative poetry. Please feel free to try for yourselves. It's fun!

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