Saturday, October 02, 2004

I Love my Dad

I know my dad was really getting political this year but I didn't know about this. He's running for the city charter review board in Bellingham, WA. Here's what he sent out for his political flyer:

Attention Tina Padilla
Whatcom County Auditors Office/ Election Division

J.H. Bol
3rd District

I’ll deliver a common sense approach. I was born and raised in Sumas, and spent several years in the Navy away from this county, and longing for home. This review is important; our charter is a well crafted document setting guidelines for a balanced government. Establishing a review commission, joined every decade, is evidence that the original drafters assumed that some adjustments may be required. I want to serve on the commission to help plot the course that the county government will follow for the next ten years. Some of today’s issues can’t be helped by changing the charter, while with good leadership some can.

I'm so proud of him! GO GAD!

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