Sunday, October 31, 2004

May Ferid live a long and fruitful life.

Ferid is the owner and proprieter of Loser's Blog. A month or two ago he visited my site and left me a note or two. As a responsible blogger, I visited his in turn. We've had one or two exchanges on this and that but nothing much. I would like to extend to him a welcome anytime he wants to visit my site or any others linked from mine. (If anyone gives him a hard time I'll personally see to it that you become the next donkey bomb...testicles first.) Personally, I feel that everyone, right, left, conservative, liberal, libertarian, progressive, foriegn and domestic, should read his blog.

He does not always post daily and that may be a turn-off, but he is the voice of innocent truth and needs to be listened to. He is what is happening in Iraq. He is the youth of Iraq. He is where Iraq is headed. It doesn't matter where some weapons went. It doesn't matter where the oil goes. It doesn't even matter what countries are for or against this war. What matters is that everyone needs to recognize a voice of what is really happening in Iraq and listen form a human point of view, non-partisan.

As a sample, I'm including his latest post. If you would like to see it on his site please go here.

Ferrid the Great

Thursday, October 28, 2004

a letter

This is a letter that I found in a forum from an Iraqi citizen in Fallugah, being translated by one of the members there…

"…In the Name of Allah the Compassionate and Merciful,

I am a citizen of Fallujah and have sent this call to most Iraqi newspapers, but everybody is scared of conveying the truth about my town and you are my last hope. I left the town with my family last night not to escape from the occupiers' bombs but to escape a fatwa by Sheikh Abdullah Al-Janabi and the "Consultation Council in Fallujah". The gist of it is that each head of a family with daughters of more than 10 years of age should marry them off to one of the Mujahideen to protect them from rape by occupation soldiers should they overrun the town. I am a father of three daughters older than 10 years of age and I do not want to marry them off to those Mujahideen. This fatwa was announced immediately after the end of the the Mujahideen Conference in Fallujah and Ramadi on 21/10/2004 and was widely approved of by religious and tribal leaders. Please convey our call to the world and may Allah give us refuge."

Really can't say anything about its credibility, but there is rumors also that's some women organizations are offering and tempting to marry young women with the infiltrated Arab terrorists the so called "Mujahdeen"
And these organizations are under control of ex-ba'athes and some radical clerics…well this is all maybe some rubbish of newspapers or might be the most disgusting thing I've ever heard in my life :P

More bad news an armed group showed photos of new eleven hostages of the Iraqi National Guard, also a new Japanese hostage….

posted by Ferid the great @ 8:40 AM


Go visit Farid's Loser's Blog for more of the truth.

UPDATE! Ferid wants to add this:
"with out your aid we wouldn't had the chance to speak out"


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