Sunday, October 03, 2004

At what temperature does the brain begin to die?

Learn the answer to this question and many more in the movie Celcius 41.11. Other questions answered in C41.11: Why Michael Moore has mislead the American people into believing that there's no such thing as terrorists? What is really happening in the world? and many others. It seeks to dispell all that is unholy about F9/11. I haven't watched it yet but definately plan to.

If you watched F9/11 and believe everything that was said, you owe it to yourself and your nation to listen to the rebuttal, you may be surprised at what you find out.

If you want to get a copy on DVD you can go here. It's a 25 dollar donation for your first copy and 12.50 for each extra copy.


And if you want to watch a free documentary about how college is misdirecting our youth you can go here. Evan Coyne Maloney has done some very nice work as an anti-protestor with a video camera in the past. This is quite possibly his best work.

The links provided go to:

They both accept donations.

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