Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Now there are two..no wait...three anti-Moore movies

For your viewing edjutainment;

Thanks to the Pajamahadeen I have discovered a second movie poised to set Michael Moore on fire. This movie hosts such personalities as Dick Morris, Ron Silver, Zell Miller and others. Enter Fahrenhype 9/11. This movie can be found at Blockbuster, Hollywood Video and NetFlix as well as other places.

UPDATE: The Pajama Editor has informed me that there is a third movie out there: Michael Moore Hates America. Apparently this one's not republican based and has Penn and Teller (heavy libertarians) commenting in the movie. They've had a showing on the 12th..hey! that's today! And another showing on the 15th. More information will follow when it becomes available.

Just as a reminder there is still the wonderfull flick Celcius 41.11 you can pick up. Unfortunately, it's not out anywhere but the Citizen's United interactive page.

And if you want to watch a free documentary about how college is misdirecting our youth you can go here. Evan Coyne Maloney has done some very nice work as an anti-protestor with a video camera in the past. This is quite possibly his best work.

My suggestion: buy Celcius 41.11, go down to blockbuster, rent both Fahrenhype 9/11 and Fahrenheit 9/11 (yeah, I guess I plugged it. Oh well.), then watch in this order: Fahrenheit 9/11, Fahrenhype 9/11, then Celcius 41.11. And if you haven't been sent into a catatonic state of gloom, doom, death and dispair you can go online and watch Evan's documentary to polish off your day.

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