Friday, October 22, 2004

Stolen Honor video is now FREE!!!

Hat tip to Angela at Yoshi's Blog Spot. I don't think I've ever been to her site. I guess I'll have to start visiting her. Anyway, the Stolen Honor video, the one you had to pay 5 bucks for is now free of charge on the net. A portion of The Buttoned Press, the Boston Manifesto, has released free of charge the Stolen Honor Video. Here's the page they have it up on. If you trust me, here's the direct link to their movie.

If you want your info in HTML here you go:

Buttoned Press

Boston Manifesto

Page for Stolen Honor Video

Link directly to the 42.09 minute long movie

If you feel like you should pay for it and support their cause

Even liberals should watch it. Hell, especially liberals should watch it. Maybe we can swing a couple votes out of it.

GO DUB 04!!!

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