Thursday, October 21, 2004

Aeryn Sun for Bush

Aeryn Sun: Former peacekeeper and Bush supporter

As a former Peacekeeper I have learned how brutal the universe can be. I have seen and done things in the Pleisar Regiment that the people of earth can't even imagine yet. Things that I wish I could forget. The Scarrans have done these things to my people, as they have done to others for many onns. They know nothing but death and murder. I see the same thing happening with the terrorists of your world. Moose-lambs you call them? They wish to destroy everything that does not follow their belief system. I cannot vote for I am an alien but John has already submitted his absentee ballot for Bush and what's his name? Darth Vader? Your Moose-Lambs must be stopped at all costs. They have the right plan of action.

Sorry I didn't catch this earlier. John has corrected me. They are called Muslim Wackos.

In your nation of America you have two vastly different ideas of how to deal with these beings. On one side you have a Mr. Bush that believes that the only way to stop them is to answer power with power. This will work as he has much more ordinance at his disposal and what I believe to be a stronger resolve.

Mr. Kerry, his opposite, believes that you can negotiate with these creatures. He is mislead into believing that he can win the minds of those that have nothing to gain by joining him and everything to lose. They will not join with him because of their pre-ordained rights to some crude black fuel that comes out of the ground. They are also too weak a race to challenge either power to take for their own. They are to be considered lesser beings. They are of no consequence to you. They are like so many DRDs buzzing in the background. Kerry's belief in their support or relevance is frelling insane. He is floating aimlessly through space and time.

You may ask yourself why I have chosen to speak with you when I have so many more pressing matters. This world is not my own so what interest would I have in your insignificant affairs? As many of you know, Rygel is pregnant with mine and John's baby. It will be half peacekeeper and half human. It will be forever linked to this world. I would not want this world to be destroyed because a band of savages destroyed the growing technology of an isolated world on the edge of the galaxy because someone thought it was good to appease them. They cannot be appeased, just as the Scarrans cannot be appeased. They must be destroyed at all costs.

I must end this transmission as Moya will be entering Starburst shortly. Good luck in your free elections.

--end transmission--


Roxette Rose said...

I'm still trying to work out whether this was political satire, a politically relevant joke for Farscape fans or some clever way by yourself to express an opinion through a popular media outlet.

I enjoyed it regardless!

Roxette Rose said...

Note that I forgot to add above, that I enjoyed it regardless and particularly because it's almost seven years later, and, the administration in question has now ended, however things haven't necessarily changed.

American Warmonger said...

I still get the comments emailed to me even though I don't really blog anymore. 95% of everything I get is spam.

I'm glad you enjoyed it several years later.

This was for a contest from "Write an article in the form of a fictional character supporting your chosen candidate for president."