Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Random Entertainment

Outsourcing has finally hit the technical field hard. Here's a tech support video specific to the contract I'm working on. Special thanks to Ill Will Press for the simulated interview between our contract and The Smell Computer Company:


As we all know voting in Florida has been a debated concern since 2000. As voter assistance, Boom Chicago Amseterdam has come up with this video. I think Bush will sweep florida this year (be patient it takes a while to load, it's Quicktime):


To be a bit more serious about the election, I'm here to endorse John Kerry for everyone. John Kerry is the candidate for all Americans no matter what side you’re on. I was a devout Bush supporter until I heard this latest commercial from Mark Simone of 77WABC News Talk Radio. This is only an audio commercial but it was powerful enough to make me realize that John Kerry supports every one of my positions. I'm willing to bet he supports every one of your as well:


(Please don't panic! I'm not really voting for Kerry.)

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