Friday, October 29, 2004

Bush Wins By 36!!!

Okay, here's the deal:
Pusillanimous Wanker has put down the gauntlet for an electoral vote prediction. The closest scenario will win the distinct honor of having the afforementioned Howard Dean supporter with no where to go but Kerry rename his site to yours for one week. Maybe if you sweet talk him real nice he'll even turn the title into a link to your site but don't count on it. For details go to his site here.

And just to be smarmy I'll do it too, link included. Honestly I don't believe I'll lose. All the demmies think Kerry will win....

I have made my predictions for the 2004 presidential elections. I have tallied and computed and have come up with the following election results:

States that were close were taken with with an average of the last two or three polls from both Zogby and Gallup. I did not use Rassmussen, Harris or any of the other polls for making my determinations. Of the multiple polls out the only ones that have shown a consistant record are the two I have chosen. Gallup's only presidential election failure ever has been Dewy, ten elections ago. Zogby is the stongest competitor to Gallup and I feel it would be unfair to only use one since so many pollsters are out there trying.

Why am I using only polls to make a judgement? Winston churchill once said: "Anyone under 30 that is a conservative has no heart. Anyone older than 30 that is a liberal has no mind." I'm 30 and have been a conservative for a long time. I guess you could call me heartless. However, I have constructed this prediction with my mind and not my heart. If I had used my heart I would have come up with Kerry winning by well over 100. Here is my prediction:

Bush will win by 36 electoral votes.
There will be no contested states.
Kerry will concede defeat on Tuesday night, the 2nd of November, 2004.

Until the elections, (or after the elections for some people now) take a look at why I'm voting for John F. Kerry. I know your going to say "you're nuts! Why are you switching to Kerry?" It's simply that he agrees with me on every important position. I bet he agrees with you too. Here's the radio spot that convinced me:


Special thanks to Mark Simone for creating this spot and making my decision so simple.
My apologies to all the Bush supporters.

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