Monday, November 01, 2004

Terror of Future Past

We've all got views about what is shaping America today.
Maybe it's this:

Maybe you were in New York and it was this:

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Some people are affected by the power of individual loss and were most affected by this:

Still others are affected by the total carnage and will be affected by this:

They are horrible images, every last one of them. I wish I didn't have to show these images of grim reminders, terror of future past if you will. This is our heritage whether we like it or not.

These are not the first images of terror in America's future. We have a long and democratic history of erring on the side of forgiveness. Times I remember that we forgot who we are and what we stand for are here:

Lets start with the terror of Beiruit in 1983:

Now we should move to the first WTC attack in 1993:

Does anyone remember Nairobi Kenya? I know I sure do:

Of course, everyone remembers Khobar Towers:

The call to arms should have been from any one of these acts of barbarism. The USS Cole bombing should have at least put someone, Osama Bin-Laden, behind bars:

[photo removed to regain sidebar]

Each one of these pictures we should have cried over collectively as a nation. I fear many of us do not fully realize the challenge our great nation is facing. We have placated a problem that for decades has been killing Americans and we did nothing. We had many warnings and we did nothing. We had suicicide bombings and we did nothing. We lost the lives of innocents abroad and we still did nothing. It is time for us to stop doing nothing. It is time for us to take up arms against our enemies and make right what once went wrong. Now is not the time for peace. Now is the time to restore our freedom from fear. Now is the time to show the world how oppressive governments and ideals will be treated by the United States of America. Now is the time for war.

Please vote responsibly for whoever you believe can set right what once went wrong. These are the elections that shape the direction our country will move. If you believe Kerry will lead a smarter war on terror then so be it. If you believe Bush will defeat terror then vote Bush. It is up to you, as an American, to vote for the policy you want in place. This is one of very few decisions America has. Use it wisely or it may be taken away.

God Bless Everyone

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