Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Dan Rather, one of the most famous faces in TV news, is stepping down as anchor of the "CBS Evening News." Rather, a 40-year veteran with CBS, will step down in March, 24 years after taking over the anchor job from Walter Cronkite. CBS spokesman Gil Schwartz said Rather's decision "was independent of the findings of the panel looking into a '60 Minutes II' report on President Bush's National Guard service."

Yes! Dan Rather has now officially stated that he will be stepping down from his perch as the 60 Minutes Anchor in early March. As predicted by many he claims that his decision has nothing to do with the Bush TANG paperwork thuggery. I’m sure no one in the Pajamahadeen is dumb enough to believe that crap. Anyway, here’s the general consensus of bloggerdom on the issue:

It was widely known that Dan Rather was going to lose his position as the 60 minutes anchor due to the Rathergate debacle. It was furthermore noted that he wouldn’t do it until after the elections and probably a month or two after the inauguration, just to make it look unrelated. We also knew that he wouldn’t be leaving CBS. We at MSM Jihad headquarters knew he wouldn’t be able to stay away. Some form of action had to be made in order to regain their credibility but an all out firing would have been too much for them. They didn’t do the right thing; they did the minimum required to quell the masses. I don’t think anyone was surprised about that.

Dan will still be a contributing source on 60 Minutes II. He’ll still be pulling all the strings. Don’t think for a moment he’s not in control anymore. He’s gone from being the face you see frothing at the mouth complaining about those illegitimate bloggers in their pajamas to the puppet master. For some reason it reminds me of the end of a Scooby-Doo show:

“I’d have succeeded too if it wasn’t for those meddling bloggers!”

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