Friday, November 12, 2004

Scott Peterson Found Guilty!

Finally, the Scott Peterson trial has come to an end. The jury has found him guilty in the first degree. After all of the hype they have finally come to the conclusion that he done did the deed. The only thing left for the media to rant and slobber over is whether he'll get the death penalty or not. Considering the location of the trial it is doubtful that this will come about. More than likely he will get life without parole.

Now that it's over here's my one and only rant on the subject:

How in the hell does a crap salesman (yes, he sold fertilizer) murdering his wife and dumping the body in a lake make national news? Why the hell does he get special attention? Was he John Kerry or George Bush's fertilizer salesman? I could see them needing one with the ammount they flung around this election season. Unfortunately, he was none of this. He was some asshat that was cheating on his wife and ended up killing her. He was a no name with a pretty face. Is this what we're coming to? Is this going to be the next round of reality shows? CBS presents - The most cutting edge reality show ever: Congenial Killers! Come on, I know you're thinking the same thing as me: You really don't care how this thing went as long as you didn't have to hear about it anymore. One crap salesman down, two more to go; Where's Carl Rove and Mary Beth Cahill?

Rant part 2:
I'm going to throw my death penalty views in here because, well, it could happen to the turd. I believe that Scott Peterson should not be visiting Arafat in hell anytime soon. All evidence convicting him was circumstantial. Granted, there was a huge pile of circumstantial evidence but there still could have been a way, a remote way, that it might not have been him. Do we really want to kill an innocent man? People in America are sent to death row every year that are not guilty of the crime they were charged with. Innocent people have been killed. There is no justification for this. It's just plain wrong. I'm not advocating getting rid of the death penalty though. I'm advocating making it harder to sentence someone to death. I would like to see something like: "murder in the first degree", and "abso-friggin-lutely guilty of murder".

I would even go so far as to streamline the wait for those that had video documentation or other equally damning evidence. There's no reason we should have to wait 20 years to take someone out of this world that desperately needs it. The thing that gets in the way most of the time is the appeals process. Even if there was a signed confession, murder weapon, videotape, DNA evidence, and 50 witnesses they still get to appeal their case. I don't want to see that part go away because it sometimes helps those that are innocent go free but we should really fast track the ones that really need killin'. They should even be able to wave their right to appeals and we could take them out of this world the next day. I really don't want my tax dollars spent on some convict we know killed someone egregiously to just sit in jail sucking up our hard earned money. Put them down, they deserve it.

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