Monday, November 29, 2004

The world through my eyes

Charlie, everyone, you deserve an explanation.

Some people are concerned about where I stand on the issues of the world we live in. Sometimes he thinks I'm on the edge of flipping the switch, or going democratic, of becoming a (pause for effect) liberal. (Gasp!) Then, at the last moment, it appears that I snap back to party line and start barking again. To answer this I'm going to have to spill the beans.

When I originally started this blog it was to rationalize my thoughts on paper. If it sometimes looks like I'm swaying my viewpoints on certain subjects it's because I'm trying to hash out what I really feel about a topic on paper, or pixels as the case may be. It helps me to think, a sort of therapy if you will.

As more and more people started visiting I thought it to be a great opportunity to discuss ideas and have people help me form my opinion of life in general. Many, okay most of the people who read my site are very intelligent and strong willed and are willing to boast their opinions from the highest mountain top. I do that as well. I’ve noticed it breeds the most discussion, the most shaping of my thoughts and ideas, the most therapy.

So that’s part of why many of my rants read like a pompous right-wing extravaganza. I’m trying to grab you enough to spur some sort of emotion strong enough for you to feed my brain by making a comment.

If you completely agree with my point of view that’s great. Give me some data to back up why you feel that way.

If you think I’m an arrogant twit that deserves to be banned from your site and put on your ignore list tell me why you feel that way with facts. Sure, it stings when you call me a moron but I’d rather have it sting a bit now than really hurt later when I realize myself that I’ve been a complete schmuck after Dick Moore hands the presidency over to me in 2016. about something for years.

Now that I’ve said a bit about the way my site runs I should tell you a bit about my views of the world as they stand today.

Warning: Most of these views are subject to change by someone with a quick wit and a good solid link. Salon and Free-Republic will be considered strict propaganda and promptly laughed at. Don’t worry though, some of the stuff I throw out there will be promptly laughed at as well. It’s happened and will happen again. Anyway, here goes:

I have a fragile little mind that is easily warped. Many of the topics rattling in my head bend and sway and are shaken around until they’ve either formed a strong opinion about things or have become the perfect martini, again shaken not stirred. Usually, but not always I consider myself a little bit left of center but not too far. Mostly though, I’d just like to see America reform all of the worthless crap floating around in the government today. Look at my fake Glenn Reynolds quote: I am a bleeding heart liberal republican…and I mean it.

Take, for example, welfare. I think welfare is the absolute biggest waste of taxpayer money on the face of the planet. There are way too many pitfalls and it teaches the poor in this country to suckle off of the great big government pig. I would like to see something on an incentive program for people that are willing to work but can’t find jobs that pay better than welfare. People have called it workfare and, if implemented correctly, could totally slay both the funds coming out of welfare and the loser stigma that goes along with it. I really don’t know what side of the fence this one is supposed to fall on but I’m sure some of you out there will think I’m wrong in my point of view. GOOD! Now go tell me why with links to studies not found on NRO or the Democratic Underground.

Most of my viewpoints are rather drastic in nature, some are less so, some are more and again, they are subject to change. MOST of these are subject to change. Two of these are not. Bush and the military. Now I’m going to have to explain this the best I can and I’m not sure it’s going to work right so bear with me. To tell you why I need to explain something about my history that I normally don’t publicize too often and might even delete after a week or so just because I don’t want it getting around or used as a trump card.

I have held a high level security clearance with the U.S. military since 1992. I have seen information being passed around that I really wish I could talk about. My wife saw this when we lived in Korea. The moment I would get home from work I would sit down in front of the television and just wait, praying that I would see something on the news so that I could say something. To get it off of my chest. She learned very quickly that if I didn’t say anything afterwards I couldn’t talk about it. I thank her for that. In fact, I’ll think I’ll thank her for that when I get home today. It should scare the crap out of her.

I can’t talk about it but it has shaped my views of the world and how we work with it. The data I’ve seen on military affairs will trump yours 99.9 times out of 10. The closest I can come to explaining this is to go to the Australian News and read an international article and then go to the biggest barking moonbat news site you can find and compare the spin. Now make the short snippet of an Australian news clipping and add real world intel that can’t, or hasn’t been released to the public until it has matched in size the space filling article filled with irreverent postulations.

That’s what I’ve been reading for twelve years. This is what is jading my view of the military and the president. This is why it ticks me off so much. Sometimes I know things that I can’t talk about and it’s really not that the data you are feeding me is that wrong. It’s just that it’s incomplete and missing the full picture. There’s more to be said than what you’re getting.

There are a lot of things I could say right now and what I really want to do is give a practical example. Unfortunately, I can’t do that. The closest thing I can say to spilling anything is that Centcom has a classified website. That’s all I can say about it so please don’t ask.

I really hope that by saying this it doesn’t sound like I’m yelling DOMINOE MOTHERF**ER!! I’m absolutely not trying to trump anything. I’m just trying to explain part of the roots in my military and presidential patriotism. The other part revolves around my parents and I’ll let Patty-Jo expand on that part if she wants to. Hell, maybe my dad would like to guest blog it if he feels up to it. If not I can completely understand. It’s been hard for me to type this and even as I do I want to delete the whole damn thing. There’s a whole world of truth out there that you, and I, will never be able to fully grasp and it doesn’t involve conspiracy theories or cups of magic Kool-aid. It involves a world of intel that many in the military can’t talk about without going to Leavenworth.

God Bless.

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