Thursday, November 04, 2004

Arafat's Health is Deteriorating Quickly...And There Was Much Rejoicing

Here's the best news on this situation a pajama-journalist can present:

Yasser Arafat's health has been failing for some time now. He has been sent from his home to France for better medical care. Today, the 4th of November, Arafat was transfered to another more intensive care wing of the hospital. Reports from French and Paliestinian papers stated that he has died. French and Palestinian officials have stated that he is not dead but his health is failing quickly. The Palestinians were also quick to note that if Yasser Arafat were to die they would not tell the world until 72 hours after in order to have all of their leaders meet and determine the nations best course of political action. The palestinian government officials have started a major meeting earlier today. He's dead. By thier own inadvertent admission, he's dead. Meeting equals dead. One plus one equals dead. He has assumed room temperature. D-E-D dead. (Got anymore? I'll add em'.)

Here's my cruel and mean spirited commentary. His body's not even cold yet and I'm dancing on his grave:

With Yasser Arafat's death we usher in the potential for a free and peaceful accord between Israel and Palestine. I wish this would have happened years ago. The terrorist leader, Yasser Arafat, made the world look like a bunch of fools. Yeah, I said it; Yasser Arafat is the real leader of the Hamas. He fooled the world into thinking that he was really working towards peace. He made the Nobel peace prize look like a Razzie. His only intention since the beginning was to take our charity towards the Palestinian people for himself. He is nothing but a table-cloth-hat wearing thief and a wannabe-cowboy thug. I, for one, will dance on his grave while the dirt is still fresh.

Now that he's dead, or soon to be if you want to believe the French, how can the peace be brokered in Gaza? What will happen to the leadership of Palestine? Arafat named no successor so it's anybody's ball-game. The problem I foresee is that none of his cronies appear to be any more competent or any less of a thief or a thug. I pray I am wrong for the sake of the Israelis and the Palestinians.

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