Monday, November 29, 2004

Incredibly Incredibles!

Well, this is my second movie review. The first was Spongebob a couple of weeks ago. Can anyone else see a pattern here? Yes, I've got a child. He runs my life...Well, at least when my wife's not busy running it. Anyway, here's the review:

It Incredibles is a standard pixar movie that doesn't seem to be much better that any of its counterparts. Its no better than Toy Story, Toy Story II, etc. Most of the movie uses the same style and capability of graphist as do all of the others. But that's just the comparison within Pixar. It's a bit unfair. Can you remember a Pixar flop? Me neither. It hasn't happened. I have yet to see a pixar movie that stunk and I hope I never do.

To be rather critical of the movie, the first half of the movie was rather slow. It was almost solely about a superhero forced to live in society because some guy he saved sued him and got away with it. Hey, don't laugh! McDonald's got sued twice because hot coffee is actually HOT. Some people have said that the movie has political overtones. I'm here to tell you that if you find political overtones in this movie you are really smoking some good stuff and I'd like a piece...for medicinal purposes, yeah, for my cataracts.

It does however just about bring insurance companies and lawyers to their knees. Sure, we all hate them on a general level. Sure pot shots are always made about them. The first half of the movie actually addresses the problem. I won't ruin the quasi-climactic end to the first half of the movie but it's been something that I'm sure everyone has wanted to do to your boss at least one, well maybe twice, okay, at least three times in your life. Unfortunately, it heralded the same consequences that would happen to us. Where's the imagination?

The second half of the movie was nothing like the first half. It was as if they'd been saving up all of the action for the second half of the movie. If you were to get into the theatre late you're still fine. I'll say this next part loudly so everyone can hear: The second half of the Incredibles SMOKES anything Pixar has EVER done before! They really made the superhero part of this movie to be the superhero movie that all the others wish they were. Lets just say that I'd rather watch and Incredibles II than a X-Men III or a Spiderman III. Yes, it rocked that much!

SO, to some this up. Don't worry if you come in late because the first half is rather slow and not really important to the overall thrill ride you'll be expecting in the second half. It's because of the first half though that I can only give this movie a 7 out of 10. If they could have possibly shortened the first half it would have gotten a better rating.

Now that I've seen and rated both of this years kiddie movies I've given them both a 7 of 10. They can't be perfectly matched can they? One of them has to come out on top. Personally, I found it to be a draw but these were kids movies. They were meant for kids, not adults. For the final results I had to ask my son:

Me: So Brandon. Which movie was better? Spongebob or The Incredibles?
Brandon: Can we buy both movies?
Me: They're only in theatres Brandon. We'll get them when they come out. If you had to choose one which one would it be.
Brandon: The Incredibles was Awesome!
Me: What about Spongebob.
Brandon: Yeah, that was cool too, but The Incredibles was much cooler!

So, there you have it. The Incredibles wins by a boy.

UPDATE: I just checked sitemeter and someone from (Borderbund) is currently reading this article. If you're reading this dear Borderbund person I don't mean to alarm you. Thanks for stopping in. I hope you enjoy the read.

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