Friday, November 19, 2004

Kudos to Ferid, Again

Okay, maybe this will sound a bit like I’m sucking up to him but he just bat everybody reading this and you didn’t even know it. Other than my mother, who I told about it, and the guys at Bravenet he’s the only person to sign my guest map. It’s kind of fitting though. I got the idea for a guest map from Ferid in the first place. So now that Ferid beat everybody to the punch go put your pin in my guest map. Anyone who does will be blogrolled.

Speaking of which, my mom finally got her site up. Here’s the link: Patty-Jo. It’s entirely non-political. Some of you non-political types might want to go visit to say hello. Hint Hint.

Update: Signaleer has been added to my blogroll. He is back from Iraq! (Okay, I've had him on my blogroll for a while in the form of the Homespun Bloggers link but I'm true to my word. He gets another link.)

Update #2: Tazmedic has pinned me as well. Sorry I didn't blogroll you earlier. I meant to, I really meant. Must be my Swiss Cheese brain.

Update #3: Practical Penumbra has joined the blogroll nearly by accident. She came by to check on the new web tag on the top right of the screen, the blogger alliance. She is an admitted Blogger with Boobies. (Hey, that's what her site says!)

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