Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I Voted!

Yes, It's official. I was number 1571 at my polling station. I wasn't allowed to take a camera in the building but I got a few shots from outside. First, lets do a comparison of the two party representatives at the station. (I know the pictures are HUGE but I think detail is important)

(Something not pictured but should be noted: There was a dashed line ouside of the building that the party representatives were not allowed to cross.)

Here's the Republican representative. I don't know her name because I didn't interview either candidate but she was being approached by many more people than the Democratic representative. (Only my son approached the Democrat rep. and told him he was voting for Bush. What a good boy!) Some of you may say that I waited for hours for a photo op. like this one. That's not true. That's the picture I got the moment I got out of my car. She presented herself well and people responded to that, or it could be the fact that the only place Democrats can stick an election sign in Chesapeake, VA is on public property.

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Here's the Democratic representative. Since he wasn't being approached by anyone he had the opportunity to pose for me. He seemed like an alright kind of guy, jovial but he really could have presented himself a bit better. You are representing a presidential candidate. You should dress accordingly. That's just my opinion.
One last note: upon completion of both myself and my son voting (for Bush) the Republican representative was still talking to people but the Democratic representative was smoking a cigarette. He has every right to smoke wherever the heck he wants to but again, it's inappropriate behavior when you're representing a presidential candidate.

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Last but not least, here's my son, Brandon. In his right hand he holds a "Hampton Roads Kids Voter Registration Card". The school kids in hampton roads are voting as well as their parents. They even have children assisting with their polling. It was a great experience for him even though he originally wanted to vote for Sponge Bob. He ended up voting Bush for president. Asking him why Bush he said "because he's the president". For some reason I believe that will be the case in many voters minds, especially the undecided. I've read a couple articles on the subject and that's what all of them say: undecideds vote for the incumbent.
Since we're in the 38th congressional district of Virginia my son also voted for Randy Forbes, another incumbent. I didn't help him with this one, honest!

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Now that I'm home again after voting George Bush for president and Randy Forbes as congressman I took the AOL Exit Poll. It provides instant results nationally and state by state instantly. If this is a true indication of how things will turn out Bush will have a clean sweep of all 50 states PLUS D.C.!! If you haven't already taken the exit poll go here now!

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