Thursday, November 18, 2004

Cool Stuff

I have found A new toy and am having trouble getting back to my blog. Recently I visited Pirate's Cove and finally learned about what this whole RSS/XML/ATOM/Newsfeed stuff was about. He's been using something called FeedReader so I gave it a shot. I wasn't too impressed with FeedReader, I just didn't like the feel to it, but I started playing around with some of the others. I came across and eventually settled on one I cand deal with. It's called Active Web Reader from Deskshare.

If you're familiar with newsfeeds you'll take a quick notice that no two feed standards are created equally. While the utilities themselves are doing everything in their power to keep up with the different sources of code, invariably some of the feeds will not work. That's where Active Web Reader comes in handy. When you run across one of those codes that just won't work for it they've got another tab for reading web pages without the feed. I've only had a handfull of sites that won't work with that, with or without a feed for their site.

I know to most of you this is probably incoherent geek ramblings but I hope I've piqued at least someone's interest. For a list of other readers you can go to

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