Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Replacement Anchor named at cBS!!

We've known for a while now that Dan Rather was stepping down from his high chair within a month or two of Innauguration day. What hasn't been known is who will be replacing the bastion of bias...until now. Through undisclosed sources, Deepthroat (Watergate people!), and a promise to Tammy Faye Baker that I'll cure her cancer, I have learned who his replacement will be.

"The decision to make Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit, the new anchor of 60 Minutes II was purely based on merit and has absolutely no ties to the Oil-For-Food program." said new executive director Kofi Annan, "and I can assure you. There is no animosity between Dan and the the leader of the pajama wearing world of blogging, Glenn Reynolds."

When seen on the set of rehearsals for the handing down of the reigns of power show, scheduled to air two days prior to innauguration Dan seemed rather pleased with his replacement. I'm sure this was just for a bit of ratings grabbing showiness but one of Dan's lines was "Vader. Rise."

In an exclusive with Glenn he confessed that he has always wanted to rise to a power greater than being the lord of bloggerdom could grant him. He also made mention of how much he has idolized Mr. Rather and with a gleam of his black molded helmet said "Now the student has become the master."

Puppies and Hobos not available for comment.

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