Saturday, November 27, 2004

More cool things

Although my traffic count isn't the best (around 100 per day average) I've somehow climbed to #231 in the TTLB. Don't ask me how I'm there because I've got no clue. I'm not trying to be arrogant or anything either, especially considering my low level hits. (most people in my TTLB area on the ttle are getting around 200-1,000 hits) I was noticing all of the people I've just surpassed...barely:

Practical Penumbra aka the Hostess
Louisiana Conservative aka Jeffrey Blanco
Editors in Pajamas aka Pajama editors, aka Mac daddy P.J.s (coincidentaly, Patty-Jo is guest blogging there while The Editor is stuffing his face with Turkey left-overs.)

This makes me happy because most of these people I consider to be my peers. If not peers, people I've looked up to. I'm sure this will all fade away shortly but I'm enjoying the next one:

Will Wheaton aka The Kid from Star Trek: Next Gen.

What makes that one special is that A. he's famous and B. He's a super Uber-geek and has gained my utmost respect through his geekiness.

The last one is better than everything and I'm not even going to honor them with a link. This 527 represents everything that is non-conservo-republican. They're the one all of the movie farces flocked to. I've now surpassed:

(can you feel it? Yeah, it feels real good.)

..........and thanks again to Jane for helping my publish something!

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