Sunday, November 07, 2004

Update on Children's Vote

Anybody remember the picture of my six year old son holding up his voter registration card? The Local newspaper fanally has something about it in this Sunday's paper. The following is their small but to the point article.

Bush won local children's vote

President Bush won not only the official vote in Virginia Tuesday, but the children of Hampton Roads also chose to grant him a second term.

Of the more than 46,000 young people who cast ballots alongside parents at polling places on Election Day, 57 percent supported Bush while 42 percent backed Democratic challenger Sen. John F. Kerry. The Constitution and Libertarian party candidates split the remaining votes.
Hundreds of volunteers staffed more than 250 polling places throughout the region as part of Kids Voting USA, a national program whose local chapters help children develop the habit of voting.

Winsome E. Sears may wish the children's votes counted. They gave her the nod in the 3rd District congressional race, though she lost the real election to incumbent Robert C. "Bobby" Scott.

In the 1st and 4th districts, children voted to return incumbent congressional Reps. Jo Ann Davis and J. Randy Forbes, respectively. In the 2nd, they opted for Thelma Drake.

I could make some comment about how Republicans teach their kids at a young age but that would be both stupid and wrong. The moral of this article is that we are the ones that teach our children how to do everything, even vote. If you want your children to make a change then teach them to make a change. Usually, not always, they turn out to be exactly what you put into them. If you speak slang and foul language then they will grow up to do the same thing. They may make their own future but it's up to us to show them the way.

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