Friday, November 26, 2004

Really cool things

Normally, I'd split this up into a few separate items but the heck with it. I'll try something new.

1. I'M PUBLISHED!!!!!!!! Yes, Jane has informed me that someone in the real world of journalism has determined that I am not just some blogger sitting in his pajamas but a journalistic contributor. You can find the article at Opinion Editorials. Jane has been getting published for some time now and if it wasn't for her I never would have done it or even known where to start.

2. I've been playing with my template again. I changed back to a gray scheme because when I go into colors I either end up with green or gay. All of the other hardline bloggers are using green and well, quite frankly, I'm straight, so the pastels really don't work for me either. I still need to change my comments section from pastel though. Everything is still 800x600 compliant for you blind people out there. It's also still Firefox compliant for you rebel alliance fighters out there. If you've got suggestions on how to make it better I'm always open to suggestions.

3. Charlie, aka Pusillanimous Wanker II, now aka Douche (You got me fair and square with that one Charlie.) has been kind enough to give me a gmail account. I can be found at: now. I've also changed my e-mail on the sidebar and will include some cool gmail button once I find one or make one up. If you don't have a gmail account you're sort of out of luck unless someone is kind enough and has a free referral. Another place you might want to try if you're wiling to beg for it is gmail Swap, because people are nice...usually. It's a place where people with extra referrals can give them to those without.

4. I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving. For our household it's not really too much about the big fat quelude bird (term coined by my dad this year) it's about the day friday. My wife was sitting outside BEST BUY this morning at about 3:00 in the morning and was still about 50-60 people back in line. My mom may choose to get her shopping done early but not us. We, my wife that is, still loves the thrill of the hunt. There's nothing like the game of it all to spur you into action. I one foul swoop she managed to come up with 900-1000 dollars worth of stuff for 350-400 dollars. We shall be going back out for round two shortly. Wish me luck! ;)

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