Monday, November 15, 2004


Russell Jones, also known as Ol' Dirty Bastard died this Saturday. After complaining of chest pains in the recording studio paramedics were unable to revive him and was pronounced dead on the scene. Although symptoms may reveal a heart attack or something many people believe it was an overdose. We'll all know after the results after the toxicology report in ten days time.

He was 35 and has 13 children who succeed him. The rap world mourned his loss on Sunday at the music awards. I don't wish him ill but I'm having a really hard time mourning his loss. I'll just show you his life in 1998 and you should understand why (Hat tip to Gin and Tacos for the year in the life):

Ol' Dirty Bastard, aka Big Baby Jesus, aka Osirus, aka Dirt McGirt, aka Dirt Dog, aka Joe Bannanas, aka Unique Ason, and real name Russell Jones


FEB 2 - ODB rushes the stage at the Grammys after Wu Tang Clan is beat out of the award by Peff Daddy. LINK

APR 6 - ODB pleads guilt to attempted assult charges on Icelene Jones, mother of three of his 13 children. LINK

APR 28 - ODB changes his name to Big Baby Jesus. When asked why the change he replied "I always been Jesus" and he meant it. LINK

MAY 20 - After two warrants for his arrest due to missing court appointments ODB pledges to pay back child support of 35,000 (not what was owed but what was agreed upon) to Icelene Jones, the mother of three of his children ande attempted assult victim. LINK

JUL 4 - ODB/BBJ accused of stealing a pair of 50$ Nikes from a store in Virginia Beach, VA. His summons is for JUL 28. LINK

JUL 29 - A warrant is issued for his arrest after he fails to show for the JUL 28 summons. LINK

AUG 11 - ODB misses second court appearance claiming that bad weather prevented him from coming down from New York. The judge is nice and reschedules the date. LINK

AUG 13 - ODB misses his third appointment with justice. An order for his arrest with no possibility of bail has been issued. LINK

SEP 17 - ODB arrested at the House of Blues in West Hollywood after being kicked out for being drunk and disorderly then returning to threaten to shoot the bouncers. The threat is a felony offense and his court date was Oct. 8. LINK

SEP 30 - ODB is ejected from the Four Seasons hotel in Berlin, Germany for lude behavior. The guests complained that he was literally hanging out on his balcony...naked. LINK

NOV 6 - ODB is arrested again for threatening to kill someone. This time it's his 27 year old ex-girlfreind and mother of his one year old child. He was arrested while trying to climb over a security fence at her place of work. LINK

It wouldn't be too horribly bad if this was just a really, really, really bad year but most of the late 90s look like this year. He spent some time in prison since 1998 and may have mellowed but he died while still on parole. Still being on parole is not very inticative of someone that has turned his life around. At least not yet. Overall, he's not the kind of influence I would like for my son. Again, I'm not really glad that he died but at the same time I will not be one who mourns his loss.

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