Friday, November 26, 2004

I found a neo-con n00b!

Go visit The Neoconservative America. He's brand spankin' new and fresh out the box. He hasn't even cleared away all of the packing peanuts and he's already being harassed by liberal trolls. (mind you, not all liberals are trolls, just as not all trolls are liberals) Go over and wish him well...and remind him to get haloscan so he can ban the freaks!

His born on date is: November 11th. He's a 16 year old 11th grader who is quite good a writing. Go now and impress upon him that not all bloggers are hateful trolls, for he is an impressionable youngster and needs to be impressed.


I also found a left-wing liberal defending him. For that I've given The Curious Guy a link as well.

No trolling allowed on either site or I'll ban you and spread vicious rumors about you with Llamas and a lubricant.

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