Sunday, November 28, 2004

Jay-Z and Linkin' Park

Crossover groups are nothing new to the world of rap and rock. The first one I remember was Anthrax with their song "I am the man". They eventually got grouped up with Public Enemy and "Attack of the Killer B's" was formed. If you don't remember them perhaps the song "Bring the Noise" will refresh your memory.

Another one was "Walk this way" with Aerosmith and Run DMC. It was another great fusion between rap and rock.

My wife just pulled me into the other room to watch the next rap/rock fusion in the making. Jay-Z and Linkin' Park were doing a club venue together. I never thought that "99 Problems" and "One Step Closer" would flow together so seemlessly to make an entirely different. I had goosebumps.

The album comes out on Nov. 30th. This will be the first album I've actually paid for in about six months to a year so its not like I'm trying to sell something. It sounded great. Go buy it!

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