Monday, November 22, 2004

Getting too big

I've been debating something for about a week now. I've been watching some of the blogs that I've read and linked to continue to climb the charts in the TTLB Ecosystem. I noticed that most of the major bloggers didn't allow comments and the only way to get in touch with them was by e-mailing them; little to no dialoge. Those that did have a comments section, Like Daily Kos and LGF, were continually bombarded with tons (100-600 comments) of responses. It turned into a different kind of community.

It was then I made a deal with myself to not provide a personal link to anyone over 100 on the TTLB. After N.Z. Bear revamped the site I found that many of the bloggers that I had already linked to and were communicating with me were now on the top 100. It was then I restructured my ideals to allow Playful Primates (30) and below on my blogroll. It has worked for a while but I'm now having some issues with maintaining even this.

Dean Esmay, someone who I've been reading but who hasn't been over to my site in months is currently Number 25. He has crossed over to the dark side. If it were just him I would have no problems but looking at those who are just about to breach the magic number of 30 I am put in a quadary. You see, The Jawa Report is within 5 places of becoming blacklisted.

What should I do? Should I stick to my guns and kick him off the list and do the same to Rusty? Should I make it only those that come by to visit? Should I start going by TTLB's traffic list? Or should I limit my listings to those that have a moderate comments column? Please help!

BTW: Instapundit has been overtaken in traffic by KOS by at least double his hits. Not a complete victory but better than nothing.

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