Sunday, September 26, 2004

Kerry Already Making International Enemies.

John F. Kerry has stated time and time again that he is clearly a better international negotiator than George W. Bush. He makes the claim that if he were the president he would have been able to garner the military support of the UN before going into Iraq. Other than his ability to speak French I don't see him having anything that would qualify him as a great international statesman. In fact, I see quite the opposite. He and his entourage have been systematically destroying international relations with several nations.

Many other presidents have made their mistakes when dealing with foreign nations. George W. Bush pissed a bunch of sympathizing nations off when he declared North Korea, Iraq and Iran as the "axis of evil". His father made the Nikkei crash (mostly coincidental but it did affect their market) at the dinner table in Japan when he lost his lunch in Prime Minister Kichi Miyazawa's lap. Some will even point to the breakdown in communication at the UN prior to us going into Iraq. It is a statement easy to rebut with the multi-billion dollars flowing through the oil-for-food program, particularly with reference to the business distribution being heavily influenced towards the descenting nations.

But I'm not doing this to highlight what presidents have done while in office. I'm doing this to highlight what Kerry has done before he's in office. Maybe presidential candidates have alienated foreign nations like this before but I can't remember when. So, without further adieu let's analyze the quotes:

Younger sister to John, Diana Kerry
"Australia has kept faith with the US and we are endangering the Australians now by this wanton disregard for international law and multilateral channels..."

Dear Australia,
Your support of the United States makes you an international law breaker. Now that you have chosen to support the United States you have put yourself in danger. You have shown that you have no regard for the methods and practices supported by the UN charter.

Thank-you for supporting the United States

Diana Kerry, spokesman for my brother John F. Kerry

Mrs. Diana Kerry,
Thank you for clarifying your ties with Australia in a John Kerry administration. If in the event you are elected we would like to clarify something as well. We will provide you with absolutely no support as it would further endanger our nation and enhance the misrepresented stigma that Australia is a nation of criminals.

Piss Off,

Howard, John Winston
Prime Minister of Australia

John Kerry;
''I will do what President Bush has not: I will hold the Saudis accountable...(paraphrased:) I will free America from depending on the Saudi Royal Family for oil."

Dear Saudi Royal Family,
I am holding you personally responsible for the terroists that have destroyed American targets in Saudi Arabia. I am also holding you responsible for the terrorist supporting environment bred by the Saudi royal family. Because of the dollars we spend for oil in the middle east and particularly Saudi Arabian oil that ends up in the hands of your terrorist supporting family we are working on gaining independence from your oil. We are cutting you off.


John F. Kerry
Democratic Presidential Candidate

Dear John, (Yes, I'm writing a dear john letter)
We are sorry you feel that way about us. It insults us that an infidel such as yourself would have the audacity to claim that the Saudi royal family is nothing more than a bunch of terrorists. We have been working hard for many years to change the ideals of many people in our nation. Something that has proven particularly difficult is shepherding all of our princes. Some of them have unfortunately chosen the wrong path and we are dealing with them. It is unfortunate that you feel that all of the Saudi royal family follows the same misguided path.

Because you have no faith in the Saudi royal family it is with a heavy heart that we must oblige you. In a show of good faith we are hereby cutting off all supplies of oil to the American people.

Good luck with Kuwaiti and Iraqi oil,

The Saudi Royal Family

Kerry's quote; (I can't find the exact quote from the interview but it was something like the following. If you have a good link to it please let me know.)
"I would have applied more pressure to the UN for a unilateral invasion of Iraq. I would have made it economically beneficial for them to join with us in deposing Saddam."

Since I am unable to find the interview for this you can discredit me all you want. I know what I read. Although the words are not exact it was the heart of the quote. The point in this one is that Kerry believes and actually stated he would be able to apply financial pressure to the whole of the UN if they did not see things his way. I would just love to see him try it in an address to the UN. I wouldn't be surprised if they laughed at him out loud. The naivety of this quote can be summed up into three little words: OIL FOR FOOD.

Kerry's quote;
"The prime minister [Allawi] and the president are here obviously to put their best face on the policy...But the fact is that CIA estimates, the reporting, the ground operations and the troops all tell a different story."

Way to go Mr. Kerry! You just called the authority in an unstable country a liar! I'm sure this will win points with the insurgents. It will especially win points with the insurgents that have already tried to assassinate him. I guess you forgot that you're not against Allawi in the elections and you will have to speak with him again if you get elected. Even if he was lying through his teeth it is still a bad idea to call him out on it unless you plan to invade or threaten invasion. It is talk reserved for leaders that are considered hostile.

Edward's Quote;
"The best lesson for any fledgling democracy is that leaders should tell the truth, to always be straight with the people...Prime Minister Allawi's trip to the United States was filled with all the wrong lessons, lessons from an administration that just can't seem to tell the truth when it comes to Iraq."

Excellent! Mr. Bob's Big Boy states that Iraq is a fledgling democracy. Traditionally, fledgling democracies, like most other forms of fledgling governments, are fragile and susceptible to easy overthrow if not supported unilaterally. Unfortunately, saying that the leader of a fledgling democracy is not telling the truth, AKA lying, is not really providing support. It is doing quite the opposite. Of course, all he's doing is puppeting the party's angle on Allawi. And speaking of puppeting...

Senior Kerry advisor Joe Lockheart quote;
"The last thing you want to be seen as is a puppet of the United States, and you can almost see the hand underneath the shirt today moving the lips..."

Let me puppet what I've said in the previous two quotes: Attempts to discredit the leader of a fledgling government do nothing but hinder that government. I have a hard time believing that the Democratic party would stoop so low as to try and get Allawi deposed by declaring him a puppet. Maybe they're just puppeting what the terrorist/insurgents have been trying to get across?

ATTENTION ALL DEMOCRATS! Your party is threatening the stability (what little there is) of a nation that is under our military protection! It is endangering the lives of American, coalition military and civilian members as well as the Iraqi people in an attempt to win the election! Are there no depths these people will not go? If Kerry plans to gain good standing with world leaders he is getting off to a horrible start. Australia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and even slightly the UN have been under his scrutiny. He is not making ties, he is breaking them.

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