Sunday, September 19, 2004

I hate Some Republicans Too

In a shining example how "not-brilliant" the political people of West Virginia are I posted some pictures of a guy and his daughter being accosted by some Democrats. One thing I'd like to state is that any idiot that brings his kids to a Democratic event with the forewarned knowledge that he will most likely be accosted needs to be castrated chemically or by other means. In the least, I would like to suggest that the state of West Virginia require him to attend some counselling due to child endangerment issues. This is the third time he's been roughly impeded by Democrats. This is the second time (that I know of) that he has brought small children. That's not what the entire point of this article is. It's just the lead up.

Charles (AKA Pusillanimus Wanker) was told that if he had photos or other evidence of Democrats getting roughed up that I would be willing to be the first to blog about them, as a Republican. He gave me three links. The first two were about Bush's policy of not letting Kerry supporters attend his rallies. I believe he used it as a comparison of how the nut-job noted above was actually allowed to attend the rally as a Republican and no Democrats are allowed the other way. The only problems with this is that the event the idiot above was at was only a drive-by at the airport. This doesn't mean I agree with that policy. I think Bush should have the wherewithall to allow Democrats at these rally's...provided they have the ability to control themselves better than they did at the RNC. (your first point answered Charles)

The second thing he sent me was this:

(Courtesy: Decatur Daily by Clyde Stancil)

This is Lynne Gobbell from Moulton, AL. According to The Decatur Daily, she was fired because she would not remove the Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker from her rear window. Phil Geddes, the owner of Enviromate, the cellulose insulation company Lynne worked for, gave her notice that she could either remove the sticker of be fired. She chose to keep the sticker and was summarily fired.

This is not the first time Mr. Geddes has impressed his political opinions upon his employees. Earlier in the year all of his employees recieved a flyer in their pay envelopes that said this:

"Just so you will know, because of the Bush tax (cut):
I was able to buy the new Hammer Mill
I was able to finance our receivables
I was able to get the new CAT skid steer
I was able to get the wire cutter
I was able to give you a job"

"You got the benefit of the Bush tax cut. Everyone did."

If this story is 100% true (which it appears to me it is), Phil Geddes is one example of a Republican I hate. There is no excuse for this crap from anybody. I don't care what your political leanings.

Part 3: (This one wasn't on Charles' list but by no fault of his own. I haven't been able to find online varification of it myself.) In the news we've all seen the apology that CBS and Dan Rather have had to put forward. It is a great example of what can happen when someone believes they are more powerful than they really are. What's that famous line? Oh yeah: "absolute power corrupts absolutely". Dan Rather is corrupt. But this isn't the point either. This morning, on the Republican News Nework (FOXNews), I heard a small snippet about a radio personality that was fired for voicing his opinion about Rathergate. He said "Dan Rather should be fired". The Radio company reprimanded him for "voicing opinions that were not within standards of this network". Shortly after the reprimand (the same day) there was suddenly no available time slot for him to work and was summarily fired, just like Lynn Gobbel. The only differences I see are that the individual being fired was:
A: a Republican
B: A Radio Personality and
C: Talking poorly of a Domocratic leaning newscaster on 710 Kiro Radio in Seattle, WA (a CBS affiliate...thanks doug)

KIRO is a COX owned, CBS affiliate broadcasting station whose demographic is greatly swayed towards the Democratic. Washington has always been a liberal leaning state for the most part. There are pockets of Republicans but for the most part very liberal, particularly enviro-liberal(I think I just made a new word). Is this an excuse to fire someone for voicing the nations popular opinion? No. Does it make it any better? No.

One last piece covered on RadioCyborg's site was the hair pulling incident at a Bush-Cheney rally in Colmar PA. Although she wasn't quite protesting quietly, the actions of the twit behind her make the entire scene worthy of only two shows on earth: Geraldo (now cancelled) or Jerry Springer. What was he thinking? You don't pull hair to keep someone quiet. It provides a wonderful photo op. Next time use a tazer. The X26c is my choice for counter protest actions. They're compact, lightweight and provide instant results! (I do not condone that, just making a joke.)

The BS that's flying from both sides this election season is ridiculous. The point of this whole endeavor being that anyone who uses their power to try to stifle, mislead or oppress ones political beliefs by unlawful means needs to be put down like a mad dog. That's sort of what it is, madness, political madness. Since no one else will start the cry, we need to be the ones to wave the BS flag an call people on it. (Just like Powerline and Ratherbiased have done.)

If you'd like to voice your opinions on the type of tactics used by either Enviromate or 710 KIRO TV here are the links:
Alabama Enviromate
710 KIRO

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