Friday, September 17, 2004

I don't hate all Democrats.

Not all democrats are bad. In fact I even have a few as friends. Debating talking points can be fun. Again, I don't hate all democrats, just the ones that cause this:

Note the punk in the green hat that still has a piece of her sign. Real big boy now aren't you?

Then they try to cover their actions like this:

Yup, these are the kind of people I hate. Just like this guy from washington:


Or what happened to Evan, the anti-protestor:


I thought they were supposed to be peace protestors?

(Evan has a really nice documentary that will defiantely not reach the same level of exposure that Hollyweird's favorite Bush hater has attained but it's pretty good stuff nonetheless.)

Don't get we wrong, there are plenty of those that fall into the same category on the Conservative side of the fence, but gosh darn it, I haven't been able to find anything but the word of a liberal that it's happened.

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