Sunday, September 05, 2004

A memorial to the Murdered near Chechnya

There are no words to describe how disgusting, how vile, how repulsive, how damning, how disrespectful, how murderous, how sadistic, how morbid, and yes, how EVIL an act these "Islamic Infidel Fighters" have become. I have been sniffling over this over the past couple of days. The moment I heard that those bastards had taken a school on their first day back I knew what was going to happen. I could not say to the world what I knew was going to happen. I was frozen. I could not even tell myself the truth. I wish I could have stopped it or done something to help but there was nothing anyone could do. This is how it has happened before in Russia.

Putin has had this happen before. It does not end in a good way. This is no where near the first time terror has struck Russia. Someone at MSNBC has done, at the very least, a remembrance to those lost against terror here. We need to read this list. We need to remember what has happened as we remember what happened on September 11, 2001. These are things we need to take to heart because this is what happens when good men and women do nothing:

Actions outside of Chechnya linked to the conflict. (Curtesy of MSNBC)

June 14, 1995
Chechen gunmen take 2,000 hostages at a hospital in southern Russian town of Budyonnovsk, near Chechnya. After failed attempts at force, Russia negotiates the hostages' release in exchange for the gunmen's escape. More than 100 die.

Jan. 9, 1996
Chechen militants seize 3,000 hostages at a hospital in southern Russian town of Kizlyar. Rebels release most, then head for Chechnya with about 100 hostages. Rebels are stopped in a village and attacked by Russian troops. At least 78 die in weeklong fight.

Jan. 16, 1996
Six Turks and three Chechens hold 255 hostages on ferry in Black Sea, threatening to blow up ship if Russia doesn't halt battles in southern Russia. The rebels surrender after three days.

March 9, 1996
Turkish sympathizer hijacks jetliner flying out of Cyprus to draw attention to situation in Chechnya. The sympathizer surrenders after plane lands in Munich, Germany.

Sept. 4, 1999
Bomb destroys a building housing Russian military officers and families in Buinaksk in Russia's Dagestan region. Sixty-four die. Russian officials blame Chechen rebels, but never prove their involvement.

Sept. 9, 1999
Explosion wrecks a nine-story apartment building in southeast Moscow, killing almost 100. Authorities suspect a Chechen bomb, although no evidence is ever provided to support the claim.

Sept. 13, 1999
A bomb destroys an apartment building in southern Moscow, killing 70. Officials blame Chechens, but nobody is ever charged in the attack.

Sept. 16, 1999
Bombs shear off the front of a nine-story apartment building in Volgodonsk, 500 miles south of Moscow. Nearly 20 are killed. Authorities again blame Chechens rebels, but nobody is charged.

March 16, 2001
Three Chechens hijack a Russian airliner leaving Istanbul and divert it to Saudi Arabia. Saudi forces storm plane, killing one hijacker and two hostages.

April 22, 2001
Some 20 gunmen hold about 120 people for 12 hours at a hotel in Istanbul, Turkey, to protest Russian actions in Chechnya. The rebels later surrender to police and release the hostages.

May 4, 2002
Lone gunman holds 13 people hostage at a hotel in Istanbul to protest situation in Chechnya. The gunman surrenders after an hour.

Oct. 24, 2002
Chechen rebels seize 800 people in a Moscow theater. After a three-day standoff, Russian authorities launch a rescue attempt in which all 41 attackers are killed along with 127 hostages who succumb to a knockout gas used to incapacitate the assailants.

July 5, 2003
Double suicide bombing at a Moscow rock concert kills the female attackers and 15 other people.

July 10, 2003
A Russian security agent dies in Moscow while trying to defuse a bomb a woman had tried to carry into a cafe on central Moscow’s main street.

Aug. 1, 2003
50 people are killed in Mozdok, North Ossetia, when a truck bomb smashes through the gates of a hospital where Russian soldiers injured in Chechnya are treated.

Sept. 16, 2003
Two suicide bombers drive a truck laden with explosives into a government security services building near Chechnya, killing three people and injuring 25.

Dec. 5, 2003
Suicide bombing on commuter train in southern Russia kills 44 people. President Vladimir Putin condemns attack as bid to destabilize the country two days before parliamentary elections. Six people were killed in two blasts on the same railway line in September.

Dec. 9, 2003
Female suicide bomber blows herself up outside Moscow’s National Hotel, across from the Kremlin and Red Square, killing five bystanders.

Feb. 6, 2004
An explosion rips through a subway car in the Moscow metro during rush hour, killing 41 people.

June 21- 22, 2004
Chechen rebels kill at least 92 people, mostly law-enforcement officers and officials, while setting fire to police and government buildings around Nazran, the main city of the neighboring republic of Ingushetia.

Aug. 25, 2004
Chechen suicide bombers blamed for explosions that kill 90 people on board two Russian planes.

Now we have one more to add. CNN reports that 323 innocent lives have been taken, 156 of them are children. Out of the 26 terrorists removed from existence 10 of them were from Arabic origins. At least 10 Russian Special Forces have been killed as well.

For anyone that has thought that being a French appeasemonkey (Doug, it's your word, you get the props for it.) will save your life you are wrong. We were appeasemonkeys once, it got is the Cole bombing, 9/11 and a whole host of others. France is going through its own "negotiations" with some of the terrorists in Iraq as you read this. The latest I've heard is that they've been transferred from one militant terrorist group to another. I pray for their lives, as we all should.

Politically, Bush has offered his condolences to the Russian people. He also adds that this is a grim reminder of the lengths terrorists will go. I would like to add that this is way to kind a statement. There are others that will probably even claim that the president is now trying to feed off of this as a campaign point. It is not and should not be a campaign point. It should be THE campaign point. The murder of over 300 innocent lives should be an exclamation point at the end of a very ugly sentence in a vulgar paragraph. We should never forget it.

I have yet to see Kerry's condolences but I have no doubt he will soon. Not to do so would be a gross mistake and an unsult and embarrassment to all those who believe him to be the best person for presidency. It would be a slap in the face.

Vladmir Putin has yet to make a public announcement on the subject. It has been long standing in Russia not to announce what has happened and they have been criticized many times over for doing it, particualry by the EU. It is their way of dealing with things and nearly always has been. Putin has actually ordered a crackdown in which any separatist sympathizers would be viewed as "accomplices of terrorism". In addition, the borders of the town have been shut down to root out anyone involved in their door-to-door search of the town. UPDATE: Putin speaks about Russia's current moment of weakness here. The end of the article holds a statement by Alan Kargiyev, a 20 year old university student, that "after 40 days [of mourning] they will take up weapons and seek revenge".

These are the acts of the followers of Al Quaida? Murdering innocent children? Even Al Jazeera has backed way from them. I though Islam was supposed to be a peaceful religion. I thought they were supposed to respect and love people. As the link above states, it is believed that religion in the middle east has becom a corrupt entity. In my eye's this Jihad is nothing more that the middle eastern inquisition. This is but Arabic Crusaders attempting to do what Osama Bin Ladin asked them to do: Kill all non-followers of the values of Al Quaida and the Taliban until there is no one else left and all of the land is cleansed.

If word are not enough of the evil incarnate involved with these terrorist groups the you need to go here. If you are weak on intestinal fortitude I would not click that link or even get near it. The most vile disgusting things lie on the other side of it. Much of what is there is the face of terrorism. The Nick Burg beheading is there. Photos and videos from this school massacre are there. Everything imaginable is there. Do not go there unless you relly need to see it. For those of you have never been there the name of the site is and the name says it all; it is brutal.

Other's have had their own problems with what has happened and I would like to no do what I set out at the beginning of this posting. I intend to create a bloggers memorial for the loss of innocent lives in Russia due to this act of terror. I have already compiled a list of reactions from several people and intend not to write anything else on this blog except additions to this post for at least a week or maybe two in order for everyone who needs to say their piece. If your name is already listed with a piece feel free to write more, all will be accepted. Once everyone has had their opportunity to include their input I will dedicate a site as memorial and include everything anyone posted. I also intend to send it to every politician I can think of in any country that will take it. (if you have anyone in particular let me know.)

You can e-mail me your posts at, trackback to this entry, or include a comment to have your post added to the growing memorial blogroll. (Note for comments. Include "ADD MY POST" as the first line of your comment if you want it posted.)

To all those lost or affected by loss in Beslan, Russia on or because of the terrorist atrocity occurring 03 September 2004 we offer this:

Kathy from KitKat provides a link to help the families of those lost
Glenn Frazier also links to MOSCOWHELP.ORG
There is also a new link on the right side of the screen. As of their first day they have collected over 95,000$. If you can find it in your checkbook to do so, give. I know I can't put a price on a human life, especially a child's, can you?


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Ther are 28 bloggers listed here. Are you one of them?

Have something to add or want to express your feelings?
If anyone would like to be added, or taken out, or modified please let me know. All of your comments are both appreciated and respected.



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