Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Why doesn't Kerry concede?

Perusing the web one day I noticed this pile of crap on the Kerry for dictator site. It's a bit old but for some reason it has not come down. It is still being hosted by his party and he is ultimately responsible for the content therein. So, the question looms: In all good fairness, with everything that has transpired, from the SBVFT adds being condemned by Bush, to the fraudulent CBS memos, to the real documents that show Bush's guard records, why does Kerry stand behind this fruitless attack? Is his website run in such a crappy manner that it's still there because they forgot it was up there? I doubt it.

I thought we were past this episode. Are the missing answers in Bush's record any more important than the missing answers in Kerry's record? No, they are not. Mr. Bush has entered into a gentleman's agreement to not attack Kerry on frivolous crap that happened over 30 years ago.

Kerry has failed to enter this agreement. As a matter of fact, he is running the other way on the issue. Long after the majority of the U.S. realized that Bush had disassociated himself from the SBVFT and condemned all of the 527's Kerry was still trying to hammer home a nail that was no longer there. To this he lost a few cool points as well as a few poll points. Bush had entered into a gentleman's agreement at this point. Kerry finally realized that these attacks were not coming from Bush but from a "rogue" 527. Kerry would not join Bush in condemning these 527's. He wanted selectivity in who can attack whom. Not only did he refuse to condemn these 527's, he started singing the same tune as them and began to attack both Bush and Cheney for their lack of Vietnam experience.

The loosely paraphrased quote goes something like this: "I will not join in condemning all of the 527's like Bush has. I still have questions about why he (Cheney) receive five deferments. And we still haven't sorted out Bush's cowardice during Vietnam either. Why doesn't Bush answer to these accusations?"

Why doesn't Kerry just SHUT UP!

Kerry has proven to me that he is out of touch with the English language. (hence not being able to comprehend the meaning of the word: condemn)

Kerry has proven to me that he will not enter into a gentleman's agreement. (which would be rebuked by pulling the above noted article from his site.)

In fact, by not entering into this gentleman's agreement he has proven to me that John F. Kerry is not a gentleman at all. He means to mislead the American people into believing that frivolous attacks on a person's character are acceptable forms of debate. They are not. They are childish floundering done by a desparate man.

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