Thursday, December 02, 2004

Pot use increases risk of psychosys

...cannabis users not available for comment as they're suffering from the other side effect:

The Blind White Munchies.

Germany has endeavored upon an expiriment that really didn't need to be made but was made anyway. Pot smokers are more prone to psychosis than non-pot smokers. I don't really think anyone was surprised about this one. Have you ever met a pothead that wasn't a bit paranoid? Well, anyone except Snoop Dog that is?

At least someone is doing some real live research on this stuff so that we may someday figure out what medicinal benefits, if any, pot actually has. I think instead of fighting the legalization of this stuff we need to find out the truth.

Maybe it's just me but I think we should treat it similar to hard alcohol: Tax it, stick it in an ABC store (depending on the state) and start making roadside pot-alyzers. If any senator can get this passed let me know so I can buy stock in Hostess and Little Debbie before their stock explodes.

...of course, that could leave rise to what Reverend Jim from Taxi (remember him?) referred to as "funny brownies".

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