Friday, December 03, 2004

Sorry Professor!

I'm happy to announce that trolling season is back on!

Charlie from Pusillanimous Wanker II and Scott from Just The Facts Ma'am are not trolls. Charlie and I have a bad habit of urinating in each other's breakfast cereal. That's not trolling. That's just yellin'....he's so not jellin'. Scott on the other hand, well, I'm pretty sure he hates my guts for something I said a while back and I've apologized for it but hey, what can you do. Charlie linked him over here to check something out and was...well, lets just say he still hates me. Again, neither of them are trolls. Just guys I've pissed off. Hey, what can I say? I just rub some people the wrong way. I'm sure we all do.

The real trolls are just too funny. Lets start with LCD GOD:

Email: none
Comment: you are the complete teenaged wanker
Date: Dec 03, 2004
Time: 1431

Yes, he was nice enough to let me know that he was from Australia.

Ping results (simplified by me):
Status: online (Of course he's online. He's got aDSL.)

So other than him being a Liquid Crystal Display God what else do we know?
1. He really isn't that fond of rednecks. Good thing I'm not one.
2. The guy lives in or near Perth Australia. At least his host is based in Perth. ( visited and found that out.)
3. I am the complete teenaged wanker. Awesome! That makes me at least 11 years younger than I thought I was! In addition, I thought Charlie was supposed to be the wanker?

Although he's got some slightly abusive language so do all the rest of us. The only thing that makes this guy a troll in my book is that he didn't have to testicular fortitude to own up to his comments. It was sort of a let down. I was really hoping to form some sort of meaningfulless dialogue with him. To do more would require me hacking his box and I really want to stay within my legal bounds....heh.

Okay, now for the next milk scientist:

URL: none
Dude, you are one dull cookie.
Perhaps you are dyslexic and don't read the newspapers and governmental reports like Preznit Miserable Failure and you're finally catching on that the country we should have dealt with first was Iran--not Iraq.
Those q's and n's are oh so easily confused.
Drink some double-strength Rethug Kool-aid and lay your head on your jingly-sack of chump change Preznit Bunnypants gave you in your tax break. Someone w3ill surely wake your dull butt and introduce you to the world of reality sometime after we leave Iraq in disgrace.
Date: Dec 3, 2004
Time: 2205

Ping results (simplified by me):
Status: offline

Does anyone else see why I'm laughing so hard? No? Okay, the source came from a member of the faculty at East Carolina University. I'm sure that if an enterprising individual felt it necessary to contact ECU about the student aid (more than likely due to the poorly articulated comment) that was using the professor's computer then that's up to whoever would like to do so. It might even get the person fired and kicked out of school. They're probably a more progressive school so maybe not. I'm assuming the professor's name is William(Willie, Willis, Winifred?) Proctor.

If how I came to these results boggles your mind go here for my IP tracing 101 course.

Have a great weekend.

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