Wednesday, December 01, 2004

MILK! It does a Rocket Good!

Huh? What? Milk? Rocket? What?

Out of about a dozen states in the U.S. testing food for recket fuel chemicals Virginia came in alarmingly higher than all of the other states tested. Of the milk tested there were seven parts per billion (still safe by most standards) of a solid state rocket fuel chemical called perchlorate. Here's what a perchlorate lawsuit looks like.

It is believed that this chemical can have dire effects on one's thyroid. The general cause of the occurence of this chemical is both natural and manmade. It has been noted, however, that higher levels are normally found at or near military bases with jet/rocket fuel in use. Places like Oceana Naval Air Base are a prime candidate.

This is what was on the local news channel this morning. As we were all drinking milk.

No link to snot rockets found.

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