Monday, December 20, 2004

Played by the rules

As many of you have known...and done, placing your pin on my map-O-the-stars earns you linkage and a post. Well, One of the world's spammers took note and was paying attention. I just took a peek and I've got my first Where's Willie, the northern version of Where's George, placed their location on my map. It's not a big deal. They both qualify under Kickin' Sites. Sorry, no where's Waldo for me. I'll stick with the great leaders of America and Canada.

The premise behind these sites is to track the location of U.S. and Canadian currency wherever they are found. It's sort of a fun little thing that will track where your money goes. Apparently, mine has never gone anywhere. I've had nine bucks floating around the world for however long and none of them went anywhere. I recently recieved one from a Subway in Norfolk, VA that had done some traveling though. It had made three different stops but I do not remember where. It was somewhere in the midwest.

Anyway, at least one spammer got smart enough to complete the requirements and are subsequently blogrolled and provided a post. Go visit both of them and track your bills...maybe.

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