Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Early Christmas Morn

Early Christmas morn, before the sun had shone itself, three doe had shone themselves to me. They were grazing on the soon dead grass along the edge of the path. It struck me as odd, as they paid no mind to my passing or any of the normal timidities that deer so oft reveal.

Seeing nothing else askew and eager to complete my errands I trudged on through the cold and the dark, but pondered ever deeper as to the purpose of this occurrence on this early Christmas morn. Was this to be nothing more than a hint of a jolly old man in a red suit, an omen of a dark Christmas day or was it something of a holy sign? A Christmas star if you wish? At this moment I knew not the truth. It had not revealed itself unto me.

Once my early Christmas errand was complete I happened upon these three doe, these three women of early Christmas morn once again. It was a beacon of something as yet I did not know. It is rare enough to see a family of deer, but a family of doe, and on Christmas morn, twice! This was no natural happenstance. This had a purpose. There was meaning to this. It had been orchestrated by a higher power, but seeing no function, no solution, I had to trudge on but was ever watchful.

I was not much further down the path that the meaning of this symbol on Christmas morn became evident to me. A carriage had broken a wheel and was stranded on the side of the road in distress. My task was to help these early Christmas travelers in any way they would ask.

My spare wheel was of the wrong size and shape for their carriage and would not fit their axle. The spare they had received from another was too large and rubbed against their brake, preventing forward movement. I asked what I could do to help? Did they need transport? Money? Advise? I had thus far been useless in capacity despite my eagerness to help.

They said that they needed someone take their carriage for repair. This was rather fortuitous. I knew the solution to their problems. They did not realize that a stone's throw away a man named Dale Old had made his home, as well as his business. His business was wrecking and repair, the answer to their prayers. I was not the one to provide the service, it was Dale and he would be pleased for the business. Mine was the task of guidance.

With the aid of three doe, I was guided to help a stranger early on Christmas morn. It was unbeknownst and hidden from my view until the lord revealed his plan. He had given a sign and made me aware so I answered His call to give help to another, early on Christmas morn.

This may show itself as coincidental to your eyes but not mine. It reminds me to be ever diligent to watch for signs. They are all around us. We only need look. Particularly the next time I see three doe on the edge of the trail.

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