Friday, December 24, 2004

Geek Prayers

Prayer to god has been around for a very long time. Most of them have not changed since early times. Some, however, need to fit into your own time period. Here are two from the computer generation.

A Geek's Prayer

Our Hard Drive
Which art internal
Volume C by name;
Thy code be clean,
Thy fonts be seen
On screen as they are on paper.
Give us this day our documents,
And lead us not into fragmentation
But deliver us our data.
For thine is the SCSI,
And the EISA, and the NuBus,
Forever and Ever,

Prayer of "Teh l337 hax0r"

Our Father, who 0wnz heaven,
j00 r0ck!
May all 0ur base someday be belong to you!
May j00 0wn earth just like j00 0wn heaven.
Give us this day our warez, mp3z, and pr0n through a phat pipe.
And cut us some slack when we act like n00b lamerz,
just as we teach n00bz when they act lame on us.
Please don't give us root access on some poor d00d'z box
when we're too pissed off to think about what's right and wrong,
and if you could keep the f3i off our backs, we'd appreciate it.
For j00 0wn r00t on all our b0x3n 4ever and ever,

60d 8l33$$

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