Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Famiglia Dei Weblogs (completed Finally!)

Family of Weblogs

To my family of bloggers;

Those reading this tonight know that you are my family. Not necessarily blood related, but you are family just the same. You have shaped the way I write and the way I think. You are all a part of me and I thank you for your contributions to my life. You are my inner circle. You are the people that make this blog number 13 out of 15 for best essayist (go vote damnit!) You have helped shape this blog just as much as I have and I thank you for it. I could easily just leave it at that.

I could leave it as a general post but I’m an essayist. I tend to ramble a bit. (I also tend to rage a bit too but that’s for another story. Hey, I’m the American Warmonger after all, right?) So this is what I’m going to do. I’m going to explain what each of you has contributed. What piece of your essence you have bestowed upon this humble blog. Why you are important to me. Since some of you are sort of shy about giving your real names (pretty sure I know all of them, not sure of Ferid’s last name.) I’ll just direct your blog name.

Armies of Liberation - Jane, I've saved you for last even though you get the first spot. In fact, you were the first person to post on my website. I even called you my cherry popper. That, of course, sounds really weird now because I consider you my fairy blogmother now. Trust me when I say that there's absolutely no incest meant.

You have been with me since the very begining, August. It seems so long ago now. I have learned more from you than any blogger out there. Sure, the HTML code is one thing but it's the writing that matters. There is one word I've been trying to achieve since I started blogging since the beginning. This one word sums up everything I've been working to attain. After a time of striving to become better and learning from others and doing my best to become the word I most desired to become.

I kept watching your blog for Ideas of how I could improve my own blog. I've done my best not to clone you but sometimes we even post about the same things at the same time without correlation. In fact, you have inspired me so much that I sometimes feel like a copycat, following in your shadow.

For some reason, you've kept me along and have continued to visit and assist throughout. You even managed to let me trail along your coat tails and join The Left Right Debate. I really appreciated that. It helped me towards my word that has guided me.

Later, after the fray of elections I asked about how you were able to get published so often. It seemed like every other post was being showcased at this website or that newspaper. Reading your material provided part of the answer. It was the word that I've been striving for. I was amazed to find out that it wasn't the papers that were coming to you, but that you were emailing the papers to run your op-eds. I had just assumed that such great work was being rewarded naturally.

It was then that I realized that you were the word that I had been trying so hard to achieve. You were truly this word and I could not be it for you had already achieved it. Now I need to find a new word to work for because it would no longer be appropriate. I should not be dragging your coat tails and trying to follow your word even though our paths will invariably cross repeatedly. You are still my fairy blogmother after all. I still love your work and you will still inspire me.

By now you're probably wondering what this all important word is. It looks rather ugly now that I type it. It is a word that is meant to be spoken. To be pondered about in your mind. So when you read it I hope you look at it in your mind's eye. Jane, you are truely: prolific. (Highlight to see better. Hidden for effect.)

Pusillanimous Wanker II - Charlie you're a pain in the ass. You're the brother I never had. Yes, never. (Ever hear of sibling rivalry?) I was an only child until I was 16. That's another story though. You are the sole left-winger that frequents this waste of blog space. We've pissed each other off frequently but you keep coming back, as do I. You are the one that does his best to keep me from succumbing to the right wing ditribe I end up frequenting. You have always got an intelligent (yet cocky) answer to nearly whatever I put into print. If I can please your left minded sensitivities and appease the minions at the same time I know the article I published is flawless. It brings a tear to my eyes. You are the keel that keeps me from tipping over in this sea of rage.

Beautiful Atrocities - Jeff, If it's true that you're gay then you're the kind of gay person I'd like to hang out with. I know you don't flaunt you homosexuality and usually prefer to keep it out of your blogging but the fact remains that you are the least queer gay person I've ever had the privelege of knowing. By queer I mean the guys that run around in hot pants at the gay pride parades or say things like "kiss, kiss" before they smooch someone's cheek in some pseodo-euro manner. You don't do that. You're not ashamed of it but you don't stick it up on a great big neon billboard and throw it in the world's face either...even if you are really mislead with the whole Days of our Lives thing. All My Children is SO much better. How can you deny Susan Lucci? One last thing: for a self repecting gay guy you're really got one strange fascination with female boobies.

Yes, that's another thing I like about you. Normally you have absolutely no problem with rumor in any way shape and form. You are not embarassed by yourself or others. You've somehow gained the ability to look at this blue and geen colored pool ball on the intergalactic billiards table and are able to laugh at it all. Being able to laugh is what it's all about. If you lose that you've got nothing.

Editors In Pajamas - You really remind me alot of myself. I'd be willing to bet my parents feel the same way. (BTW: they want an invite to the wedding but are too chicken to say anything.) To my mom in particular, she more than likely sees you as a surrogate son in place of me. After all, you are close to where they live and your future wife is of asian descent. You are in for some hard times my friend. Do not falter our doubt yourself. Your strength is what she is relying on.

Daisy Cutter - (Since you just can't wait for it here it is.) Daisy is the epitome of what the left minded moonbats are barking at. Sometimes I'm not too sure as to how much is satire and how much he/she/it really means what he/she/it says. If ever you needed to see a right wing nut job blog stereotyped this is it. Cursing and resentment? No. Anger and hatred of the barking moonbats? Wrong again! Daisy uses something called direct statements to irk the left. I don't think I've ever seen her/him/it make a snarky, smarmy or otherwise arrogant comment. For some reason the opinions at this site are almost exactly like Skippy, Eschaton, Daily Kos and a whole host of others are trying to rally against.

It's a marking point to what the Republicans are thinking in a non-offensive, light-hearted, direct manner. For some reason the truth insults some lefties. For me, when I'm ever feeling the urge to look upon myself one way or the other I can go here and compare myself to a rock of republicanism. In the 'sphere, Daisy is my global litmus test. My compass of where my mind is at and where I need it to go to remain somewhere in the middle. And yes, I get flack for trying to remain centralized. In true winger form. Gotta' love it. Keep anchored Daisy. I need to know where to steer my ship. There are some rocky shores out there and I need your lighthouse.

Redhunter - You were the first blogger in the sphere to really take notice of my writing and do something about it. Back when there was only around 30 or so homespun bloggers you did what a lot of other bloggers would have skipped; you gave me a shout out. You stood up in the sea of blogginess and let me know that the junk I write has a purpose and a soul to it. You made me feel like I belonged. If you hadn't taken this step, I might not be blogging today. I might have wandered off to pursue another hobby.

Radiocyborg - Brodie, I spent six months of my life packed in a sardine can with you. We were on board during the 9/11 tragedy and served together in a way that few people will ever have the opportunity to do, not even those in Iraq. It would be closer to those that provided support for the Cole bombing than anything else. There's a certain level of catastophe that has to be reached in order to see people the way we've seen each other. It's a level of catastrophe that no one would wish for no matter how much you want to learn about someone.

You learn a lot about a person in these times though. For instance, I've learned that you are quite possibly the most patriotic person on the face of the planet...next to Zell Miller. You've learned a great deal about me too. In particular, you've learned what I'm about, who I really am, my true essence. You have a unique perspective about what me being true to myself is that other people will never be able to see. That's why it's so important for you to call me out whenever you see me turning my back on myself. It seems like you're always there in the nick of time to wave the BS flag on me when I desparately need it. Thank you.

Pirate’s Cove - William, you are a relative newcomer over here but you have still made an impact. The first time I saw you was over at Charlie's place. You caught my eye because I thought I was the only winger, other than Daisy who has apparently stopped, to comment on his site.What it made me realize is that even if someone is excrutiatingly overheated on a topic or two it's always better to retain a level head. Charlie and I have been skirmishing for some time now and tend to get overheated with things. You have simply voiced your opinion and let the commentary roll off your back, just like a sea bird, Arrgh!

I guess what I'm trying to say is that your level-headedness has helped me to retain my own sanity, or at least what little remains. Please continue to navigate your pirate ship on the straight and narrow. Thank you for leading by example.

Passing Thoughts/My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy - Ladies, both o fyou are something I've never had before: fans. I know that you've both been much more than just fans but it was your cheering of things I've written that has caught my intention. Every time you give me a word of encourgagement or congratulate me on something you make me feel important in someone's life. I didn't want to offend either of you by grouping you together but go look at each other's sites and come back and tell me you couldn't be sisters. You two have decended upon the same path of blogging. You've both done a great job of boosting my fragile little ego and making my head swell. If you did a better job of it my head might explode from overinflation.

Loose Coin – Doug, you've got probably one of the most inquisitive minds I've seen in the 'sphere. Whenever I go over to your site I see a piece that I've seen several times before but you always seem to look at things from a different angle that I wouldn't have thought of before. It helps to remember that there are more than two sides to every argument/story. Keep thinking outside the box. Please keep pulling your loose coins from the couch cusions of your mind.

Tazmedic Mumblings - You've given me an entirely new perspective as to this whole "war in Iraq" thing that very few people are capable of doing. I know some of the other bloggers have come back from the war but none of them have gone into the kind of depth that you have. Every day you're turning out a new page in your book. Hopefully, we'll be able to buy the real thing sometime before next Christmas. If ever there was a time where the honest opinion of a servicemember was needed it is now. Keep writing your book and voicing your opinions.

Loser’s Blog - Ferid, You are the only middle east blogger that actually recognizes that I exist. Go take a look at my map. You're sitting there all proud by yourself. You're taking your own stand and don't even realize it, or at least more than you think you are. I've mentioned it before but I'll mention it again. You are one of the voices out of Iraq that isn't screaming and complaining about things. For me, you are the opposite of blogs like Baghdad Burning. You look before you leap. That's a very handy talent for a young man such as yourself.

I do have one complaint though: you need to post more. This couple of times a month thing is getting rather old rather quick. I keep looking to find out what new thing is going on in Iraq but I always end up with the one you left two weeks ago.

KitKat - You've managed to do something with a blog that I don't think I've ever seen done. You're blogging without a title for your blog. I'm never sure what I should call your site; KitKat? Kathleen's blog? Increasing the Circle of impact? All kidding aside I was originally going to put you with Passing Thoughts and MVRWC but you're a bit different. Other than not having a girlie weblog you've got something I haven't seen on many other sites: A list of charities. Every time I go visit I look at your links and think to myself: "I should be doing that as well.", but never seem to get around to it. Well, YOU got around to it.

Nearly a side not but not quite: My mom asked what charity she could give to so that she could support the troops in the desert. Without batting an eye I pointed her to your site. You are my definitive source for all things charitible. Keep it up. (No, I'm not calling you a charity case.)

Blood Related Bloggers:

Miss Patriot - Annie, I'm sure if you need some naked baby pics Patty-Jo would be sure to oblige you. All you need to do is go over there. Maybe you could con her into bringing them to you, who knows? When you came by and visited the first time I realized that this could really turn into a way to get back in touch with the family that I rarely get a chance to see. I thought I was out there as the lone blogger for our extended family. I had never relalized that you'd beaten me to the punch.

I've really enjoyed being able to communicate with you. Since I'm on the complete opposite coast it really brings me out of touch with the people I grew up with. You, David and Shawn are the three closest things I've ever had to a sibling of my own age. Without you I was stuck with snakes and worms to play with. (Really! Go read Patty-Jo's latest post.)

Patty-Jo - Mom, this has really been an experience. We've been calling more often. We've had alot more to say to each other now that we've been able to read about our lives in type. Like I said before, I miss all of you guys. You are half of the root that has grown this tree of a man. (Maybe that's why I'm so sappy?) Without trying to be cocky and arrogant you have done a damn good job.

Since you are a part of what I am your site gives as much insight to the way things go on at this site as I do. You are part of the source from hence I came. You are one of the people that brought me morality, personality and a whole host of other things that spill out into text. You are one of the reasons I didn't end up in a crack house selling drugs, or become the unabomber, or start drinking puppy smoothies. Thanks mom.

Pops Tops - Dad, You're a bald, retired hippie, retired foul mouthed sailor and you walk funny. I wouldn't have it any other way. You are my hero. You have given me the ability to spin a story and to do what else but ramble. You are a ramblin' man after all. I know this may risk being the shortest Oscars speeches in the bunch but there's nothing else to say. You are my hero.

Now that all of you know who you are that have shaped my life and this blog please know that you are making a difference in the world. All of these silly little blogs that we don’t get paid for blogs are making a difference in people’s lives. Just think, if you’re on this written list just imagine how many mental lists you’re on. By putting your thoughts on paper you are expressing upon other people you views of the world. You will shape their thinking whether they like it or not.

Something I’d like to pontificate on here is the learning that goes on when one utilizes a blog. In order to fully understand a topic you need to connect it with three of your senses. (I’ll provide a link later. I’m under the gun on this.) If you read someone’s blog you have covered the sensation of sight. You see the words that are read. Something special happens when you see words on paper. Without your own knowledge you actually speak those words in your head. Although you did not actually hear those words your brain processes that as sound, thus satisfying two of the three senses required for learning. The third comes when you reply to something. You are touching the keyboard with every stroke. For me, with what I’ve done for the past 12 years, touching a keyboard or a typewriter is the same as feeling the soft squishiness of mud or the fact that the ocean feels like a sea of cold beer against your ankles. That is my third sensation. The one I’m learning with now, as I type. Thank you everyone for what you have helped me with.

I know there's people out there who I've missed. This list is most of the core people that hae helped me along in one way or the other. If your site didn't appear on this list it doesn't mean I haven't been influenced by your writing. It just means that I missed you and should be put to death for forgetting someone. Would someone please find me a firing squad?

May God bless all of you, even if you’re an atheist or a selfish hedonist. (Sorry, had to end it on an Allan Keyes joke.)

Love all,

Jeremy Harley Bol (Yes, my middle name is Harley, just like my dad's.)

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