Monday, December 20, 2004


Yep, today was a snow day at my son's school. It was good timing too. I took the week off. I've been playing with my son all day...well, that and the fire.

The pipes to the kitchen froze last night. We've been playing with the water all day trying to get the warm water from the bathroom permeate the cold of the kitchen. Somehow, we managed to get the cold water to work in the kitchen, but not the warm. I'd have thought the warm water would have gone first? Oh well, one pipe unfrozen one to go.

Brandon, my soon to be seven year old son, decorated most of the tree this year. I'll try to get a picture up either later tonight or tomorrow.

Hey! Here's an Idea! Stop reading my digital family junk and go have fun with your real one. If you're reading this on a Monday before Christmas you've been neglecting them.

Give them all a hug and a kiss...except uncle bernie. Remember, he's got that really bad breath.

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas!
Winter Solstice!
Presents under the Tree Day!
(Did I miss any of them?)

UPDATE!: The hot water just came back on too now! Hooray! We can do the dishes!....wait...great...dishes....grrr.

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