Thursday, December 30, 2004

Tsunami Disaster shock

There was a 9.0 earthquake that hit the Indian Ocean and spawned the worst natural event since the 60's. (I think there was a 9.4 in 1964...1864?) This is a horrible, devastating tragedy. More than 58,000 people are lost, dead, missing or otherwise no longer living.

I still can not grasp the breadth of this disaster. I know nations around to world are donating large sums of money, (U.S. has donated 35 Million directly and 4 million to the Federation of the Red Cross, Red Crescent. The U.S. estimates that we will donate around 1 Billion after all is said and done.) and massive amounts of services (See LGF for info on what Israel has done.) but I am numb. I am having a hard time feeling anything for this yet. Can someone pinch me? This is like some really unfathomable nightmare that I can't wake up from.

On 9/11 I at least had a mission to do. I was onboard a ship that had to do things. I had to act and do things. Now I don't know what I need to do or understand about this. It may take me a day or two still to get into gear. I know there are several charities for this. Daily Kos has some of them. (Yes, I'm linking to Kos.) I don't know what they are and have yet to donate. I should.

I can't help thinking that this was done in some horribly exaggerated disaster movie. I know it was. It was that giant wave from the asteroid that took out half of the United States...but that was an asteroid, not an earthquake. I have no reference point to compare it to. It is beyond the scope that the modern world has ever seen in real life. This could be a movie in itself. I wish that's all it was...just a movie. I am numb still. I'm in shock.

UPDATE: The death toll is now over 80,000.

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