Thursday, December 09, 2004

Sign the map = Get on the list.

I woke up this morning to three more bodies on the guestmap.

1. My grandma sometimes visits my site. She's occasionally e-mailed me something that I've put up. I've been doing the best I can to get her online but she complains about not having enough time. One of her hobbies is taking digital photography. Here's one of her pictures:

This one is called "The Honeymaker".

Please help me in coaxing my grandma into making a photoblog. Here's her e-mail address.

2. Alyfireman is from Alaska. His blog is The View From Firehouse. Yes, he's a fireman folks! From what I've seen he has a fairly conservative mind and pretty good at reading other people's blogs. That's an attribute I could probably learn from.

3. William Fisher of The Crusader is the third zonie (no offense meant guys) that I know has been here. I'm a bit concerned that next year it will be me looking from the sidelines while he competes as one of the essayists. Good writings from a good Christian.

Speaking of Christian, I'm also adding the Blueletter Bible website to my blogroll as well. It's an entirely searchable database for the bible. You can search by just about anything.

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