Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Where the heck did I go?

I've had a few days off to have fun with my family. I might be posting something else a bit later but I'm not sure I'll have the time. I've got seven projects in the works so it's not for lack of thought. (Yes, I know, I'm normally unthoughtful.)

The sealing of the skylight project will be filling the rest of the night. It is already twice as warm in the kitchen with the gypsum wallboard up. I just need to plaster and insulate from the attic. This was my son's first "helper" project. He did a great job of sitting on stuff while I used the manual saw.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot; Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will be out July 16th, 2005. This is two days after my wife's birthday. She's already told me that this is not an acceptible gift as I'm the one who reads them.

UPDATE: The plastering is complete. The only thing left is to sponge it smooth tomorrow. The kid found his Home-Depot apron and was following me around everywhere. I should have taken pictures but I was a bit preoccupied after stepping on a drywall nail and all. No biggie, I'm fine.

The house feels about 10 degrees warmer now that I got off my lazy butt and fixed the skylight hole. It's amazing the difference a 51" x 21 1/2" hole will make.

This is going to be a great Christmas.

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