Thursday, December 16, 2004

End of semester!

Well, just a couple of footnotes for now:

The semester is over! YAY! I'm free to blog until January 10th!
If anyone is wondering, the report I turned in gave me an A. I guess they'll accept just about anything these days.

JulieB, after much poking and prodding and being thrown out on stage with just a crumpled up paper in her hand has started her blog. I think I'm the third person to give her props now....all in one day's time. She just got haloscan installed so her comments will work nicely now. (This is a hint that have stuck with the clunky blogger comments: get haloscan!) So go visit Julie with a B and give her a word of encouragement!

Nickie Goomba is back online after some rather some mean spirited individuals decided that legitimate politics just weren't enough, they had to go hacktivist. For some reason I'm thinking the same sort of people that thought cheating the vote to get Kos to win were in play here. Now who's the terrorist?

Another welcome to my very first Ozzy!
I th..I. I. I. what's going on he..I.I. I. said f**k off!.I......
wait...sorry, that's Aussie not Ozzy. Must have read it wrong. My bad! You've probably seen him before but you're seeing him again. Any friend of Daisy is a freind of mine. Please give a warm round of applause to the cutter of toes, Toecutter! Go give him a read. You simply must check out the lootatron!

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