Wednesday, December 01, 2004

It's a family affair

I'm sure you've heard mom scampering about the net doing her best to embarass me. (just kidding) Now I can officially lift the ban my mom imposed on my dad's blog. He was trying to publish his book online and she thought it wasn't blogworthy so she suggested that I don't blogroll it. Now that he has abandoned his online book project the ban has been lifted. Here's my dad at Pops Tops.

If this keeps up I'll get my wife to start one as well. Unfortunately, she would probably get one in Korean that you will not be able to read. I'll copy this for an example:

이것이 유지하면I'll은 나의 아내를 1개을 마찬가지로 시작하는 얻는다. 너가 고 불운하게, 읽지 않는 그녀는 가능하게 한국어안에 1개을 얻을텐데. I'll사본 보기를 위해 이것:

It's a rough AltaVista translation but do you see what I mean?

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