Thursday, December 02, 2004

Iran is recruiting for Al Qaeda

Yep, you heard it officially here first. Remember that. Just saw it on FOX in a news snippet. Everyone the world over pretty much had a good idea about it but now it's official.

There has been public recruitment for Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations in Iran. To put a caveat on this, the government has not been the ones recruiting but they have done nothing to stop it either.

The opposition group in Iran have been outraged by this but are loathe to really get involved because...well...they'll be killed by terrorists that won't be stopped by the Grand Iatollah or any of the Mullahs.

Nukes are another bird altogether. Also from FOX, they have been developing long range missiles that could carry umm....hmm..let me see here....they're planning on sending 72 vestile virgins to the afterlife? Nah, I didn't think so either.

No more blogging tonight. I've got a splitting headache, little sleep and I might be coming down with a cold. (Thanks for your cold Editor.)

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Good night everybody!

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