Saturday, February 05, 2005

Your cadaver wants a price check!

File this under completely morbid humor. LINK

Here's the important part:
BERKELEY, Calif. - Shaken by scandals involving the black-market sale of body parts, University of California officials are considering inserting supermarket-style barcodes or radio frequency devices in cadavers to keep track of them.

Does anyone else get this vision:

You're standing in line at the checkout counter, cheesey elevator music in the background...

Celery - 1.89$
12 pk Molson 16oz - 17.99$
Clerk:I'm going to have to see some ID.
Customer: Sure, here, here you go.
Clerk: Thank you sir.
S'mores - 3.89$
Llama doll - 5.99$
Cadaver - ??.??$
Clerk: *Sigh* that's the third time today.
Grabs the in store mike.
Clerk: Price check on cadavers.
Clerk: This will just take a second sir. Sorry about this.
Taps foot and grabs mike again.
Clerk: Can we get a price check on a middle aged corps please.....

Okay, I admit it. I've got a really sick sense of humor. Maybe I'm not the only one though. The article comes with this pictorial of body part prices:

Feel free to tell me how much of a sicko I really am.

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