Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Independent Music

Something I[ve been wanting to do for a while now is have some music on my site, particularly unknown and independent music. If you have speakers on your computer you've probably heard a few indie tunes. I hope to continue changing artists every day or three. I wish there was a little flash player I could drop in that would cycle through a playlist of artists from an independent artist site.

Alas, there is no flash player to be found. I am relagated to hard coding this stuff on a daily basis. It doesn't take too long, maybe a half hour or two. Maybe if I could connect one of these sites to a flash coder we could all get hooked up with some snazzy sidebar player. Until that time, you only get one song every day or so.

If this isnt' enough for you and you just gotta have more of this indie music stuff there are a few places you can go.

The one I'm going to highlight is one that will actually give you something in return for your time and effort. Garageband is a website that's been around for a while and will give you credit for free music in return for you rating independent bands. You don't get much, but you get something. You also get to hear some of the worlds best undiscovered artists competing against each other for contracts, or just trying to sell their indie records. I've had an account with them since around 2001.

I'm sure there are other similar projects that will pay you for listening to new artists, but I don't happen to remember any others. If you want to just listen to music samples from various unsigned artists here is a list of sites I've been haunting lately:

CD Street
CD Baby
Sonic Awareness

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