Thursday, February 10, 2005


Some of you with Haloscan may have noticed the little square to the right of your comments. By copying some posts I noticed the word "GRAVATAR" affixed to all new haloscan posts. Not really thinking much about it, I continued on with things content to not know what the heck they were.

Then I noticed someone with a little picture next to his comment. Basil's Blog is the first person I've seen to be using the new features of Gravatar. I'm the second. Go to my comments and notice the new "NUKE" picture. Kinda fitting for a revenous warmonger like myself don't ya' think?

So you want your own gravatar? You know you want one Teach. You just can't wait to fly the Jolly Roger on all of your comments can you?

Here's what you do. Go to the Gravatar
website. Enter your e-mail address and upload a picture, any picture to their site and they will modify it into an 80 pix by 80 pix gravicon that will automatically be entered with every comment you make on Haloscan.

Don't use Haloscan? That's okay. They've got a whole host of plugins you can use depending on your platform. Want to see exactly who supports them? Go here.

Any Questions?

Happy Gravataring!

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